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Giroptic iQ will turn your iPhone and iPad into 360-degree VR cam for €250


Another 360-degree-camera will arrive in consumer market in January 2017 that is offering to turn iPhone and iPad into VR device. Giroptic, a San Francisco-based company has unveiled a small 360-degree camera that provides VR-ready media that can be instantly shared on social media platforms. The camera is of the size of a ping-pong ball and connects to iOS devices through lighting port. The cam offers photos and video recording at a resolution of 4K, which is higher than other competitors in market. Read More…

Prepare yourself for Supermoon – Rare celestial event you don’t want to miss


We look up into the sky and the first thing we notice is the moon along with the stars. However, tonight it’s going to be hard to deny the magnificence of the moon as it will bring bliss to astronomy lovers. Yes folks, Supermoon will steal all the limelight tonight as moon will be closest to Earth in 70 years and this won’t happen again until 2034. That calls for cancelling all your appointments and get you photography equipment ready for the mega event. And yes, hope that you’ll get a clear blue sky to witness the Supermoon in full glory.
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Coolest Halloween costume- A full-body, functional DSLR Camera    

Nikkon Camera CostumeThis Halloween,  photographer Bryan Troll undertook a tedious task of making a distinct impression at the party. Indeed, he succeeded in doing so by his Nikkon Camera costume. We aren’t talking about just cardboard outfit, but a fully-functional DSLR camera equipped with flash and LCD screens that instantly displays clicked images. Read More…

Kodak’s photography-special Ektra smartphone with 21 MP rear camera


Kodak Smartphone

Photo: Kodak

Kodak has decided to experiment with mobile phone production as point-and-shoot cameras are facing overwhelming competition from multi-tasking smarthpones or portable devices. The company announced the Kodak Ektra based on one of its old models it had launched in 1941. The phone will be manufactured by electronic manufacture Bullitt, and is priced at £450. Read More…

Darth Vader never looked so cute – Watch what the super villain did as a kid

Little Lord Darth Vader

Little Lord Darth Vader

Darth Vader, the most feared intergalactic villain has been one of the favorite fictional character of Star Wars who has inspired many people to come-up with their Darth Vader-inspired props. Even better, some adorn the Darth Vader attire to feel the character fully. So, what does the Lord of Sith do when he’s not taking on the might of the galactic battles? Photographer James Hopkirk is one such Star Wars fan, and he adorably dressed up his 4-year old son Harry in Darth Vader’s intimidating outfit to depict how the super villain goes about his daily chores.
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Flexible sheet camera with elastic optical takes imaging technology to new heights

flexible sheet camera

Owing to the advancements in imaging technologies, devices have also really shrunk to miniature sizes and it’s likely to revolutionize photography. The researchers at Columbia University’s Computer Vision Laboratory have taken a big leap in this field claiming to have developed a new flexible sheet camera that can be wrapped around objects and can capture images from altogether different angles and views. It’s like a flexible sheet with embedded lenses which adapt to stretching and curving of the sheet. They successfully designed and fabricated a flexible lens array capable of responding to bend in the sheet which is a completely new technology. Read More…

Leica X-U waterproof camera won’t choke on your scuba diving adventure

Leica X-U waterproof camera

Leica cameras don’t come cheap and you definitely don’t want to take your chances with them near a pool or lake. That however has changed as Leica X-U comes with waterproof, dustproof and shatterproof credentials. Basically, this new Leica camera breaks the notion of being a luxury product that is designed for the elite photography lovers and one’s who love to own a Leica. With this rugged camera sophisticated photographers can take their photography adventure to a whole new level. The price is also not that high when considered it is a Leica, and comes with a price tag of $2950 USD. That is quite affordable considering that it is a waterproof and is not effected by the elements since it is winterized too.
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Camera stabilizer harness means non-stop videography sans any fatigue

Camera Stabilizer harness

For those into amateur filmmaking and video shooting, camera stabilizer is an accessory that takes a lot of load off the mind by stabilizing the shots. But carrying a camera stabilizer for a long time results in fatigue of arms which consequently results in not the kind of videography you would want to do. For such times you need a harness to stabilizer your accessory and focus on the task at hand. This camera stabilizer harness for the body ensures long duration of shooting without getting tired or waving around the camera stabilizer itself for a very long time.
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Affordable $200 GoPro Hero+ with Wi-Fi shoots full HD videos at 60fps

GoPro Hero+ affordable action camera

Wondered how many more GoPro Heroes would sell if the tiny action cam was slightly affordable? If you did and you were waiting for a cheaper version; GoPro has granted your wish in the GoPro Hero+ – a full HD video action camera with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for a modest $200 price tag. Capturing and sharing immersive images and videos on the go was never so easy and affordable.   Read More…

8 unique ways to click selfies and get noticed on social-media

Click selfies

Clicking selfie has become a viral trend in the last year or so, and it makes even more sense if you are a loner and want to capture special moments when no one is around to shoot a photo. Initially, clicking a selfie was a simple as taking out your camera, initiating the front camera and clicking a picture. However, times have changed quite drastically and today is the era of the Selfie Stick. It gives you more freedom to click photos and comes handy for short-armed people who have a tough time composing the frame with their smartphone.
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