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UK’s restaurant offers free service for foodies who share picture of their meal

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You go out to enjoy a good meal and to your surprise you notice that the meal is going to be free. Now that is interesting as it would bring a smile to your face if you are a foodie. All this is not a gimmick, and is actually true as The Picture House restaurant opening in Manchester’s Pioneer Suite on Canal Street, UK is going to serve free food for its customers. Free food! Well, you would think that it is a crazy decision but the restaurant sees the bigger picture with their new strategy.
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Smartphone Remote Control clicks perfect self-portraits

Smartphone Remote Control

Those who love to take their own pictures probably for their social-networking profiles have got one more reason to smile as they can now click their own pictures from 3 meters (in tests it worked from 10 meters too) away, just like you would want them clicked. This hand-free picture taking luxuries come courtesy the Smartphone Remote Control that in conjunction with an app lets you click perfect photos, just like the way you want. The accessory comes with a stand that can be used to position the smartphone in any orientation and then you can click picture with a wireless remote that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. So in short Smartphone Remote Control makes your self-clicking woes just disappear and ensures that you don’t spend hours and hours in front of the mirror to click that perfect shot.

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$15 Pocket Reflector for amazing portraits in any kind of lighting condition

Pocket Reflector

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the photography market with high-end cameras installed and even their USP being a camera centric phone sometimes. Even the market for DSLR’s and digital cameras is bloating-up simply because people want to click pictures as memories that stay with them forever. Additionally who can deny the fact that we like to click portraits of ourselves and others whenever we get the chance. And to click great pictures you need good lighting so that the camera sensor can capture every detail. A light reflector can be of great help even in low light or shadow prone areas, so wouldn’t it be great to have it handy at all times in your pocket? That is why we have this simple yet effective Pocket Reflector featured on our portal. As opposed to those big bulky reflectors that are used in glamour industry this reflector gives you a quick fire solution to overcome low-lighting or shadows when it comes to taking portraits.

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