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Self-driving WEpod public transport shuttle successfully tested in Netherlands

WEpod EV

WEpod, the self-driving vehicle has successfully initiated its first test run on the campus of Wageningen University and once successful the Province of Gelderland who have commissioned the project will expand it to other regions. The automated vehicle has no driving aids like steering wheel, pedals or any manual operation. This is a first of its kind fully automated pod which is driving in busy streets for long duration of time and transporting people from one location to the other. It can take 6-people at a time and has automated doors and a platform for wheelchairs too.
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UK’s first self-driving vehicle unveiled, almost ready for public trials

lutz-pathfinder-self-driving car

It was back in February that we first had a glimpse of the LUTZ Pathfinder, driverless electric car. Back then the Pod-like vehicle was only a prototype. Recently, the amazingly futuristic car was revealed to the public in Milton Keynes, UK. The two-seater Lutz Pathfinder pod is inching ever so closer to reality – just a visit to Oxford University’s Mobile Robotics Group to get and autonomous control unit and then few trial runs on test tracks and the car would be good to hit the sidewalks in Milton Keynes. Read More…

Fire equipment manufacturer unveils PodRunner cargo-pod

PodRunner by Rescue 42, Inc.

Rescue 42, Inc., designer and manufacturer of innovative fire and rescue equipment have come up with a mobile cargo carrier so that required equipment can be carried from one location to another quickly and efficiently. Designed to mount on a vehicle’s trailer hitch, The PodRunner cargo carrier can be a very efficient tool for workers in the fire and other similar industries. With its strong scissor-lift chassis, the PodRunner allows a single person to comfortably roll up to 600 lbs of total weight and assemble the complete unit on a standard 2″ trailer hitch.
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LUTZ Pathfinder – UK’s first driverless electric car hits the road

LUTZ Pathfinder electric car

Amidst all the craze for self-driving cars, Britain’s first driverless electric-powered car has been launched in Greenwich and it was spotted being driven in neighborhood. The pod-like two-seater automated car developed by Transport Systems Catapult in partnership with UK Automotive Council, University of Oxford Mobile Robotics Group and other groups. Codenamed as LUTZ (Low-carbon Urban Transport Zone) Pathfinder programme, the electric car is equipped with sensors, multiple cameras and navigation technology developed by University of Oxford’s Mobile Robotics Group.
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Never lose your pet ever again with Pod GPS tracking device

Pod GPS tracking device

For pet lovers the fear of losing their best friend can be very traumatic, especially when they get lost. Sebastian Langton had to go through the same experience with his loved cat Ringo, and that is when he decided to team up with Damien Cantelo to develop a GPS tracking device. Hence, came into existence the world’s smallest and lightest GPS pet tracker dubbed Pod that attaches to your pet’s collar for instant tracking via mobile devices. The GPS technology allows you to track your pet anywhere in the world, even if it is a few miles away or in another country for that matter.
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Brighton i360: Work begins on world’s first vertical cable car

Brighton i360

Brighton, the South coast town of Great Britain is all set to come up with a new tower which will become the highest observation deck in the UK, outside of London once completed. Christened Brighton i360, it will be go in to the history books as world’s first vertical cable car. The 18 meter wide pod is designed by Marks Barfield Architects, the same company that is responsible for the construction of London Eye. Brighton’s i360 tower will take visitors 138 meters above sea level in a glass viewing pod that offers them 360-degree view of Brighton and its coastline.
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Your chance to win Gaming Pod developed by Halo 4 and V energy drink

Nothing satisfies ones gaming thirst but a complete package of simulation enhanced by gaming simulators and sound that makes the whole experience exhilarating. Have a look at this Gaming Pod developed by Halo 4 and V energy drink which is up for grabs via a lucky draw competition held in Australia. Obviously you can expect some real adrenal rush playing games on this gaming simulator and brag among your friends. The Gaming Pod has a 32” LCD TV, 2.1 1000 watt speakers, drink holder and Xbox 360 limited edition Halo 4 Console with 320 GB storage space for your favorite games. The price of the Gaming Pod is a whopping $49,500 and the installation & delivery cost of $300 is also included in the package.
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