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Self-dissolving electronics could make gadgets destructible on command

Transient electronics

Degradable antenna that self destructs on command

You lose your phone and then wonder if would destroy itself completely as there is some confidential data in it that can reveal your greatest secrets. Well for your phone or any other gadget to self-destruct it needs to dissolve at the very basic circuitry level and that is some technological advancement to achieve given the current situation. However Reza Montazami, an Iowa State University assistant professor of mechanical engineering is developing a technology that he calls transient materials which comprises of hardware made from special polymers that are capable of dissolving when the trigger is activated.
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Spray-on bandage capable of protecting and healing serious wounds

Spray on bandage

Spray-on a surgical bandage and your wound would be dressed to perfection. Working on a new medical project, researchers from the University of Maryland have made a spray-on bandage that is made from biodegradable material which takes the shape of the wounded body part, protecting it from any kind of infections. First the researchers used commercial airbrush to spray-on the biodegradable bandage but then they decide to use a biodegradable polymer called poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid)-PLGA in a mixture of acetone to achieve the desired result. The spray-on bandage can lay fibers of diameter 370 nanometers and as soon as you spray the bandage onto the affected area, the acetone content in it evaporates.
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T-shirt with wearable electrode monitors heart rate sans any electrolyte paste

Tshirt with wearable electrodes monitors heart rate

Fabricated biomedical electrodes that are capable of recording biomedical recordings have been developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) which means that now you can monitor your heart rate just by wearing a t-shirt made from the conductive polymer. The material is coated with a conductive polymer PEDOT-PSS that in a way saves you from using other biomedical electrodes with electrolyte paste/gel which can irritate your skin surface, causing skin allergies. As opposed to these techniques for monitoring your heart rate, the revolutionary new clothing allows electrocardiography sans any electrolyte paste. Made from flexible, biocompatible and hydrophilic material allows this bioelectrode to record stable readings in any kind of environment.

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Clarity bike by Designaffairs Studio is stylish and costs much less courtesy special polymer material

A project of Designaffairs Studio the Clarity bike uses completely new kind of materials for production, making it light-weight and durable compared to the present bike designs. Taking the next leap in bicycle frame engineering and manufacturing methods, the Clarity Bike looks and feels different from what we all have seen so far. Using an advanced polymer material which has high impact resistance, gentle flexibility and high impact resistance this bicycle seems to be the future of bicycling industry which is constantly looking for materials that are light-weight, durable and flexible.

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