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MySight360 – A hands-free, 4K VR camera with 240° fisheye lens

mysight360 camera 2
A team of self-claimed tech-savvy engineers is currently inviting backers for their crowdfunding campaign. In return, they are offering the “MySight360” – a hands-free, high-definition VR camera with 240 degree frame. It can record videos on 4K quality and connect to user’s smartphone with a simple app via built-in WiFi. User can quickly edit the videos to share on social media or can go live as well. It reminds us of Frodo developed by India-based Next Gear.  Read More…

Podo stickable camera is one step ahead of selfie stick camera accessories

Podo stick camera

The rage for selfie cameras and action cameras is in the trend these days, and for reason too. It gives a whole new, never before seen perspective of photography and unique ways to innovate. Podo wireless camera is another innovative photography accessory that gives you freedom to shoot from any angle, and on any surface. This re-stickable camera attaches to any surface and shoots photos, videos and time lapse sequences in many new ways. Perhaps a good competition for the trending selfie stick accessories. You can stick it to any surface; walls, trees, tables, windows, iron brackets etc. with the micro-suction cups that hold-on to any surface.
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World’s first portable sound camera SeeSV-S205 visualizes sound distribution

portable sound camera SeeSV-S205

Identifying sound just like you identify the hot and cold regions using a thermal camera is the new technology buzz that is all set to be unearthed. For example the rattling sound coming from under your car could be identified in no time using this new technology being developed by Professor Seok-Hyung Bae from the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST and SM Instruments, Inc. Called as the portable sound camera, SeeSV-S205 which won the Red Dot Design Award in Product Design 2013 category.
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