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Harman introduces car audio system with a detachable Bluetooth speaker

Harman Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system_3

Music lovers just can’t enough of music even though they listen to it 24×7. For such audiophiles Harman has introduced its latest car audio innovations at CES 2016. The one that caught my eye is the Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system which truly compliments your modern lifestyle. This detachable Bluetooth speaker can be plugged into the Harman dash and play music in your car. And when it is time to park your car in the garage, you can take out the speaker and play it with any Bluetooth compatible device like your smartphone.
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128 GB Apple iPod touch released in colorful options

Apple iPod touch

iTunes 12.2 update brought with itself a few hints on the re-launch of Apple iPod and that speculation has lived-up to the expectation. Apple has officially introduced the new line-up of iPod models in colorful options including space gray, silver, gold, pink and blue. The new portable iPod touch has a HD 8 megapixel iSight camera and an A8 chip which lends the portable music player 10 times more intensive graphics and for fitness tracking capability there is M8 motion co-processor. The A8 chip is the same as the one used in iPhone 6, so you can expect some intense gaming action on your iPod.
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iPod nano and shuffle get colorful touchup, might launch in two weeks’ time

Apple iPod

When iPod Classic was released in 2001 it revolutionized the portable music player industry. But in the last decade or so its popularity has been shadowed by all the fancy new mobile devices that do much more than just playing music. So much that Apple no longer considers it a priority in its scheme of things for the long run and therefore has also removed a direct link to the iPod product page from their official website. However the Silicon Valley giant has made it clear through an update to the iTunes 12.2 software that iPod still sits in the back of its mind.
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