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Apple-inspired Beats Pill+ is one cool Bluetooth speaker

Beats Pill+ bluetooth speaker

Apple acquired the dream headphones maker Beats for a crazy $3 billion last year. Acquisition somehow sent Beats into a slumber – finally Beats is awake and it has rolled out the Pill+, its first Bluetooth speaker since joining Apple. Most of us have been really pained by the Pill and Pill XL that Beats launched, what seems like an age back now. The Pill 2.0 being slimmer, more portable and equipped with a Lightning port for charging could sound revival for the company. Read More…

Afterburner Bluetooth speaker adds mega-bass to your phone’s music

Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker hanging

If you like your music slightly louder than the earphones or if you have been looking for a neat speaker solution for tailgating and outdoor parties, ThinkGeek may have a Bluetooth speaker for you. $199.99 Afterburner Portable Speaker syncs with any Bluetooth device and delivers highest quality bass sound with up to 38W of audio power. Quite interestingly, Afterburner Bluetooth speaker lets you take control of your party playlist using nothing else but your iOS, Window or Android device. Read More…

Ping pong ball-sized portable speaker morphs your smartphone into a boombox

Elecom smartphone speaker

Elecom smartphone speaker

There are times when you want to enjoy quality music from the speakers of your smartphone. But there is a limitation to what your smartphone’s in-built speaker can deliver and what you expect. Don’t worry as guys from the Far East have a very practical solution for you. Unlike other accessories like portable speakers or audio units, this is an accessory that is no bigger than a ping pong ball. In-fact it is a speaker with 1.5 W high power output amplifiers providing you with thumping sound, anytime anywhere.
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Bang & Olufsen unveils Beolit 15 portable speaker for $599

Beolit 15 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen

Beolit 15 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, Danish consumer electronics company have unveiled a portable, powerful Bluetooth speaker which looks like an updated version of their iconic Beolit 12 AirPlay speaker which was released back in 2012. Christened Beolit 15, the portable Bluetooth speaker is crafted from strong and durable polymer. The stylish look to the speaker is provided by the anodized aluminum grill that smoothly wraps around it and from its full grain leather strap that lets one carry it around with ease. Also, there is a non-slip rubber tray on top of the speaker for your mobile devices.

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CES 2015: Monster SuperStar BackFloat speaker can be used anywhere

Monster SuperStar BackFloat Speaker

Monster Inc., American manufacturer best known for producing audio and video cables introduced a high-performance floatable portable speaker at CES 2015 which concluded yesterday in Las Vegas. Christened SuperStar BackFloat, the waterproof speaker was announced by Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal alongside Monster director of product development Vern Smith in a press conference at the mega event. The wireless floatable speaker will allow you to enjoy non-stop music anywhere, anytime. Whether you are indoors chilling or outdoors surfing, relaxing on the beach or in the shower or a pool, the SuperStar BackFloat makes sure that you get constant dose of rich quality music with much-admired Pure Monster Sound.
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Take EcoStone Bluetooth speaker into your swimming pool without any worries

Waterproof EcoStone Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof bluetooth speaker that floats too!

Music is bliss for people like me and wherever I go my music goes with me. Whether I’m driving, working in the office or at home having some peace of mind. But what about times when one has to go swimming or take a relaxing bathtub session? Surely the music should go there too. Grace Digital wants you to take the music to the swimming pool and in fact float with you as have a relaxing time in the water. EcoStone Bluetooth speaker by Grace Digital’s outdoor accessories division Ecoxgear is completely waterproof and floats in water too!
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CES 2014: Bem Wireless Speaker Band, a boombox on your wrist

Bem Wireless Speaker Band CES 2014

A speaker on your wrist is what this watch is all about. Shaped like a wristwatch the Bem Wireless Speaker Band connects via Bluetooth to your devices and there you have a personal boombox on your wrist that is ready to get any party started. Added functionality includes initiating or answering calls through its built-in microphone. Speaker Band is very comfortable to wear and comes in a plethora of colors like green, pink, white, black or gray. This watch speaker in a way breaks the jinx of smartwatches that we are so accustomed to see these days especially at CES 2014 and shows how a watch can be more than just smart, it can be a speaker.
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Ayra Bluetooth speaker packs a punch in small form factor

Ayra Bluetooth speaker

In a world flooded with portable Bluetooth speakers that will cost you a good amount of money, Ayra is your best bet when it comes to quality sound at a reasonable price. Small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand, the Ayra Bluetooth speaker is probably the smallest wireless Bluetooth speaker in the market which has the sound comparable to a boombox. So if you were not looking at this small little speaker, you would pre-assume that the sound being played is coming from a considerably bigger speaker. Ayra pairs up with your Bluetooth compatible device like Android, Apple, Mac or PC and is good to go for 7 hours of non-stop playback for audio content like movies, games, music and more. When you don’t want to use Ayra with Bluetooth connectivity, you can hook your gadget via the 3.5 mm jack.
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Helium portable speaker powered by super-capacitor technology charges in just 5 minutes

BlueShift Helium portable speaker with super capacitor charging technology

Taking a detour from the usual portable speaker design, Blueshift has come up with a speaker called helium, capable of charging in just five minutes and giving full six hours of uninterrupted music in one charge. Unlike other products in the market that last only a few years, this portable speaker has super-capacitor that gives an amazing 500,000 charges, virtually making it last more than a lifetime. The speaker is made from natural materials like bamboo, efficient electronics and an open source design that can be repaired and upgraded any time you want. This all makes the Blueshift Helium speakers great for acoustic listening environment and other audio sources.
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Doughnut shaped AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker comes with NFC

AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker

When it comes to the realm of Bluetooth speakers, the scope is not exactly novel because of their wireless characteristics. However, beyond the technological credentials, it is the uniqueness of the design that often entices us. That is exactly the case with the above pictured AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker, which is interestingly shaped like a doughnut. Designed by French luxury manufacturer of iPhone docks Jarre Technologies, the detachable round enclosure of the speaker system has its own set of usability pattern . For example, it can be slung along the flexible handles of your backpack or satchel, thus resulting in a novel music system set-up that plays while you are moving around in a footpath or trekking along a reclusive trail.

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