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Take Move M portable speaker with you for the next hiking trip

NudeAudio Move M speaker

This one is for serious audiophiles who can’t away with music no matter where they go. NudeAudio’s Move M portable wireless speaker connects to a plethora of devices via Bluetooth 3.0 to stream audio from your smartphone, PC or portable music players. The speaker boasts-off 8 hours of non-stop playback and when it is time to take calls you can go hands-free and do so with its speakerphone feature courtesy the dual-microphone feature.
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Jawbone Mini Jambox, ultra-small wireless speaker for just about everywhere

Jawbone Mini Jambox portable wireless speaker

Jawbone the name that boosted popularity of portable wireless speakers with the Jambox in 2010, is now back to take on the market with a scaled down, i.e. in size, version of their portable speaker – the Mini Jambox. The Jawbone Mini Jambox keeps the peculiarity of loudness and spec of its predecessor in a body that is remarkably appealing and small enough to be carried around anywhere, without adding additional weight to the carry bag or pocket. Mini Jambox is a lighter and thinner portable wireless speaker, measuring only 24.5mm wide and weighing as little as 9 ounces, and it is made out of single aluminum frame that acts as an audio acoustic cavity to deliver incredible sound.

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Palm-sized Elecom Compact Powered Speaker ASP-SMP100L

Elecom Compact Powered Speaker ASP-SMP100L

Portable speakers always come handy for travel routines as well as listening to music in your room. These Elecom Compact Powered Speakers that look more like a plastic gramophone are perfect for your smartphones, MP3 players or for simple listening of music using your computer. Elecom Compact Powered Speaker ASP-SMP100L are charged using the USB port of your PC/laptop and one full charge of 2-3 hours you can get around three hours of non-stop audio at full volume. The portable speakers come in three cool colors; pink, green, white and black carrying a price tag of $20.
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