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Elderly will ditch canes and walkers for Superflex’s robotic-powered suit

Aurora Powered Suit

There are many drawbacks of growing in age, one of them is the difficulty to carry out activities of daily living. In collaboration with industrial designer Yves Behar’s studio FuseProject, Superflex has designed powered-clothing to enhance day-to-day experience for the aging population. Dubbed Aurora Powered Suit, the powered undergarment is aimed at helping the elderly with mobility challenges posed by age and illness. Read More…

Superflex robotic suit learns wearer’s movement to kick in power when needed

superflex exoskeleton

Scientists around the world have been working on powered clothing that’ll make people’s lives easier. Exosuits or exoskeletons, if you may, are on the forefront of this future. Not really sure if hard metal suits can be categorized as clothing, but the way these exosuits are becoming lightweight and soft, they are steadily entering the spree to help those with limited mobility get back to normalcy. Following the heels of Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, a team of researchers at SRI International are working on Superflex – a soft exoskeleton that can learn how the wearer moves wearing it.

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Panasonic’s advanced Powered Suit to be mass-produced with plausible pricing

Panasonic's Powered Suit

Panasonic and exoskeletons? Now, that makes up for a potent combination! The Japanese electronic giant has unveiled what might be the world’s first affordable, mass-produced exoskeleton suit. Christened simply as the Powered Suit, the contrivance was actually created by Panasonic’s robotics subsidiary, Activelink. And, the interesting part is – this is just the beginning phase of the company’s exoskeleton portfolio; they are also looking forth to create more advanced versions of the suit that can be used beneath oceans and in space.

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