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Bricasso – A printer made from Legos that prints Lego mosaic art!

Bricasso Lego Mosaic Printer by Jason Allemann

Gosh, we can’t get enough of Legos simply because creative geeks give us all the reasons to love Lego creations. This one by Jason Allemann is right out of the extraordinary category and you’ll know why I’m saying so. Lego Mosaic Printer dubbed as Bricasso is made completely out of Lego Bricks and what does it do? Print out the usual documents or photos? No sir, it prints out Lego bricks on a Lego base plate from images that it scans!
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Kaala-Soot printer uses polluting carbon particles as printing ink

Kaala soot printer by Anirudh Sharma

There is so much pollution around in cities that it is slowly but surely affecting our health. So what can be done to eliminate soot (impure carbon particles resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons) and reduce pollution in the air? Make some productive use of this pollution. Anirudh Sharma who works at the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology advised by Prof. Pattie Maes has made a printer contraption that runs on soot from pollution.
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Soon you could talk through a phone printed on your clothing

Carbon spaser

In an era when just about everyone is running the rat race for the largest screen smartphones, a team of researchers led by PhD student Chanaka Rupasinghe, at the Monash University, Australia, have been working on a new spaser technology that could let us wear our phones someday. Researchers are investigating a carbon-based spacer technology which could allow mobile phones to shrink to a size small, efficient and flexible enough to be printed on clothing. Read More…

Novalia Paper keyboard will be the thinnest computer peripheral

Novalia Paper Keyboard

Printed keyboard that is as thin as a paper could be a reality in the coming months as Novalia, a Cambridge based company has plans to unveil a printed keyboard that will be cost effective. The process has metal plates with circuit engraved with conductive ink that can print at 100m/minute which is cheaper than traditional electronics. In this new kind of manufacturing method, the A4 paper is embedded with a layer of conductive ink which is sandwiched in such a way that it becomes responsive just like any other touch screen. This means, it can be attached to car windscreen, side of a glass etc. for input to a tablet or PC for example.
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Students develop first ever 3D printed boat from recycled milk jugs

Geekdom is at its best when students get down to creating things for competitions that even the biggest names in the industry would think twice before trying. Such is an effort from ‘Washington Open Object Fabricator’ Group (WOOF), University of Washington’s Engineering students and Open 3D Printing Lab, who have collaborated to develop 3D printed boat from HDPE milk jugs to compete at the 42nd Annual Milk Carton Derby. Read More…