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Samsung Smart Windshield for motorbikes is one great idea

Samsung Smart Windshield

Hands-free comfort is the name of the game these days, especially in a technology dominated era. Seamless connectivity and ease of use go a long way in making a successful product which solves some essential purpose. This is Samsung Smart Windshield concept which gives motorcycle riders a reason to rejoice importance of safe commuting while keeping their hands on the handlebar and concentrate on driving. The head-up display screen shows every important notification from your paired smartphone and also the driving directions. Although it is still in concept stage but the idea is not that hard to make commercially available.
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Sony’s Future Lab Program develops Interactive Tabletop and voice-assisted headphones

Sony Interactive Tabletop projector

Sony wants to stay abreast the race for fashion-forward wearables that solve some inherent purpose. For this they have formed a new R&D outfit called Future Lab Program and they demonstrated a couple of prototype gadgets of the future at the SXSW event in Austin. One of these is a neck-worn Bluetooth headphone which is more of a multi-directional speaker and the other one an Interactive Tabletop projector that turns any surface into a touch-sensitive display. For now each one of these is a prototype and Sony hasn’t shed any light on whether they are going to get into production stage.
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Portable JmGO View Projector comes with powerful surround sound speakers

JmGO View Projector

Home entertainment and media streaming are anyone’s top agenda for a fun weekend in cozy corners of the house. JmGO View Projector wants to make that craving even more entertaining by giving you a hassle free way to enjoy movies, videos, music, games and content from connected devices. Unlike other portable projectors that have speakers comparable to your laptop/smartphone, it has 4W Dolby Digital Plus speakers which create immersive surround sound. That means you don’t have to worry about connecting it to any home theater system for audio output. Moreover, it has a compact cylindrical design which facilitates easy portability.
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Palm-sized projector streams movies from smartphone to any smooth surface

Li'l Laser Smart Projector_1

Having loads of movies and videos on your phone, but don’t know how to enjoy them in a new kind of way? Then a palm-sized projector is one accessory you’d want to keep handy at all times as you never know when boredom might strike you. As a smartphone user you always want an accessory that is portable and easy to carry anywhere. A pocket projector is your best bet and Photojojo’s Li’l Laser Smart Projector is what we are talking about. This laser projector eliminates the need for any wires or cables and connects to your Android or Apple phone via WiFi.
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LG MiniBeam PF1000U projector beams 100-inch screen from 38cm away

LG MiniBeam PF1000U projector

IFA 2015 concluded recently in Berlin, and one of the most ingenious products coming out of the event outrightly should be the LG MiniBeam PF1000U – a projector that employs Short Distance Focus technique to project a large screen from a very short distance. Designed for anyone who believes a television set takes up too much space in the living room, the PF1000U can project 100-inch large screen on a wall (or any surface) from a distance as little as 38cm (a tenth of traditional projectors). The projector can also beam 60-inch display from only 11cm away. Read More…

Make a dirt cheap 3D hologram that works with your smartphone!

How to make 3D hologram projector

3D hologram display shown in the science fiction movies is so cool, isn’t it? Where a 3D stereoscopic image forms in thin air and is viewable from every angle possible. Probably one of the coolest example of augmented reality, but it isn’t cheap although. So, how about the idea of making a dirt cheap 3D hologram display that works with any mobile device which is downright awesome?
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Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box – New way to enjoy movies with a slice of pizza

Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box

Normally when you order a pizza from your favorite food joint, after enjoying the delicacy you throw away the packing in the trash can. But now you won’t throw it away and enjoy a cool movie while sipping cola on your couch as you gulp down the pizza. Yes, you will surely do that as Pizza Hut Hong Kong has launched an innovative new promotion campaign that turns your pizza box into a projector. Called as the Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box, the campaign is in-fact a very cool design concept that got a patent by Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong.
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PicoPro projector brings big screen experience at your fingertips

PicoPro portable projector by Celluon

Seoul, South Korean-based technology company Celluon have unveiled their new product in the form of an ultra-portable projector to bring the big screen experience at your fingertips. Dubbed PicoPro, the small, battery-powered projector puts a cinema in your pocket and lets you project movies, videos and pictures on any white background from your smartphone. The PicoPro projector can connect to an iOS device through HDMI which requires an adapter or can connect wirelessly to Android devices and Windows phone that support Miracast. The slim and lightweight projector makes sure that you get bold, bright colors and an always-in-focus HD picture quality.
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Lenovo adds three new devices to the Yoga tablet series

Yoga 3 Pro

Lenovo, Chinese electronics giants have added three new devices to their Yoga tablet series which was unveiled by Ashton Kutcher about a year ago. Now, the company have unveiled two new yoga tablets and a convertible PC model which were announced in a launch event in London. Only 12.8mm thin and weighing about 1.19kg, the convertible PC is dubbed Yoga 3 Pro. Joining the existing line of company’s convertible laptops, the new device sports a 13-inch screen and comes with a QHD+ 3200 x 1800 Gorilla Glass screen. Yoga 3 Pro is equipped with latest Intel Core M processor and will be available in a choice of Clementine Orange, Platinum Silver or Champagne Gold. Expected to go on sale in October, the PC is priced at $1,349 and promises 9 hours of battery life.
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Dos Owls Odin Android powered projector is also a computer

Dos Owls Odin Android computer and projecter

This little Android KitKat powered gadget that goes by the name Dos Owls Odin could just threaten your computer’s existence. Powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, 2GB RAM, 8-64GB storage and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n makes this tiny little projector like gizmo a bit hit with the users. Odin can be connected to Google Play Store to access apps that give access to innumerable functions in one go. This small gadget has a 0.3-inch DMD display with 854×480 resolution for watching entertainment programs and backed by a 2500mAh battery gives it plenty of backup for 45 minutes in screen mode and 6 hours on speaker only mode.

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