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Bionic Nerf gun arm gives direction to an amputee’s shooting ability

What if you’re a Nerf Gun fan and you have hacker friends? Well, if you’re Nicolas Huchet, you can get a bionic Nerf Gun. A team of hackers called Hackerloop, based out of Paris and New York, has developed a bionic Nerf Gun for Nicolas who was left with a myoelectric prosthetic hand after an accident. The gun is designed to attach to an amputated arm and fire with muscle contraction. Read More…

5-year old Katelyn gets 3D printed prosthetic hand in her favorite pink color

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm

It’s heartbreaking when you see a kid having disability, basically it just shatters you. That is where technology come-in to restore some faith in humanity. 3D printing is one example of technology being used for good, as we have seen so many times in the past. Yet again, 3D printing has given a small little kid a new lease of life. Meet five-year old Katelyn Vincik from Vitoria, Texas who was born with an underdeveloped left hand. The cute little girl has been in the queue for receiving a prosthetic hand for a very long time, and finally her eagerness has been rewarded.
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Siena students develop 3D-printed prosthetic arm for 9-years-old NY girl

Karissa Mitchell 4

A group of physics major students at Siena College gave a big surprise to a little girl that brought back smile on her face. These students built a 3D printed prosthetic arm modeled off the movie Frozen. Karissa Mitchell, 9, was born in New York without right hand. In fact, most of her wrist was missing. We can only imagine what it feels like to be unfortunate enough to have born without a limb, so getting it back would be no less than a miracle. You should definitely see the video to see that cute, chirpy smile on Karissa’s face. Read More…

French tattoo artist inks people with his customized prosthetic arm

Prosthetic tattoo arm for JC Sheitan Tenet

Prosthetics have taken a huge leap in the last few years and the coming future is bright for such bionic body parts that are now heading towards drastic evolution. A future that is reminiscent of movies like Terminator Genesis. We have seen a lot of prosthetic arms and hands in the past, but this one is different from the league. Meet tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet from France who is now the world’s first amputee to get a prosthetic tattoo arm. After having lost his arm in childhood, Tenet is one lucky chap with an artificial arm that looks straight out from a Sci-Fi movie.
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Welder builds mind-controlled prosthetic arm from scrap, but what’s the truth?

Mind controlled robotic hand by I Wayan Sumardana from Indonesia

I Wayan Sumardana (a.k.a Tawan) is a 31-year-old welder from Indonesia claims to have made a mind-controlled robotic arm which aid him in his daily tasks. Yes, he made it all by himself from scrap metal and other parts. No doubting the locals call him Iron Man, as he goes on doing his daily chores with a mechanized left hand which has been paralyzed for a long time after an ailment, and doctors confirmed he has mind stroke. Based on his knowledge gained from the education as machine engineering student in high school, Wayan made it all from bike parts, computer hardware and many other scrap things.
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Dirt cheap smartphone-controlled prosthetic hand that is 3D printed

Exii Handiii 3D printed prosthetic limb

Smartphone controlled 3D printed prosthetic limb

3D printing has undoubtedly taken the world by the storm, and there is no stopping it as far as the possibilities of this technological evolution goes. One segment that 3D printing has affected profoundly is the development of prosthetic limbs for the unfortunate disabled people. Going a step ahead with the advancements is a Japanese company Exii which has created a bionic arm dubbed Handiii that pairs with your smartphone to facilitate nifty movement of limbs. And all this at a very economical cost with the option to 3D print in your favorite color.
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Brain-controlled prosthetic arm restores amputee’s sense of touch

Mind-controlled prosthetic arm

Prosthetic limbs are a good way to resurrect your lost confidence when there is no hope left after losing your arm or legs. Artificial limbs have come a long way when we consider their motor ability and the brain signal sensors that actuate the movement of these prosthetic limbs. Another milestone has been achieved in the field of artificial body parts as Magnus, a truck driver from Northern Sweden got himself a new breed of prosthetic arm that is connected directly to his bone, muscle and nerves as opposed to other prosthetics that are connected to the body via surface electrodes. He got the prosthetic arm fitted on using a technique called Osseointegrated Human-Machine Gateway (OHMG) that inserted seven electrodes into his arm for neural control.
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Robotic prosthetic arm with touch sensitive aesthetics

Touch sensitive prosthetic hand

Life is never easy for an amputee and although researchers and innovative thinkers have been trying for decades to mimic god’s code they are left quite a few steps away from this goal. For example the mind-controlled prosthetic leg(s) by Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California and Michael Goldfarb are quite intuitive giving a person who has lost his/her leg a chance to at least have some sense of free walking. On similar lines University of Chicago is on a quest for making a touch sensitive prosthetic limb that would come a feather’s distance away from the god’s code. This touch-sensitive prosthetic limb will give real time sensory information to amputee with a direct link to the brain itself. To do this their first step is to create an arm restoration sensory motor because brain sends the signal to the arm and in the same way the arm sends back the signal to brain.
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Amputee builds himself a functional prosthetic arm

 Angel Sanguino prosthetic arm

Remember Christina Stephens, a lower limb amputee who build herself a prosthetic leg out of Lego bricks? We’ll now to impress our wits, a 33-year-old Venezuelan Angel Sanguino, who lost his left arm (from the shoulder down) in an accident last year, has built himself a robotic arm which allows him to carry out many useful tasks. A talented electronics technician, Angel lost his job after his disability, but that didn’t work as a deterrent for him, and in under a year, he is back repairing electronic components just like before without anybody else’s assistance – thanks to his homemade prosthetic arm created precisely to help him work again.

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British soldier gets mind-controlled prosthetic limb after losing arm in battlefield

A rocket propelled grenade took a comrades life and blew away Andrew Garthwaite’s right arm off in Afghanistan but that isn’t deterring him from having a normal life as a brain-controlled prosthetic arm infuses determination and spirit right into his veins. Andrew, a 24 year old British soldier, got this new age state-of-the-art limb connected to his nervous system back in January by a six-hour intensive operation in Vienna, Austria. This prosthetic limb has given him the ability to ride his motorbike, maneuver around his car and perform other activities that could not be possible with an ordinary prosthetic limb.
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