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Chi Chi’s amazing story of survival on all four prosthetic legs will melt your heart



Some people are cruel, especially to animals. And then there are ones who cross all limits, and do something which is not worth forgiving. This is a story of golden retriever which was found in a bin bag outside a meat farm in South Korea. Chi Chi was brutally tied up, and most probably deemed for slaughtering, but as destiny would have it, the dog survived.
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9-year-old boy 3D prints prosthetic hand with functional fingers

Calramon Mabalot 3D printed prosthetic hand for teacher

When most 9-year-olds you and I know are busy playing with their hot wheels and iPads; San Diego, California-based 9-year-old Calramon Mabalot has 3D printed a prosthetic hand complete with articulated fingers for a local teacher he met while learning about 3D printing. Together with his brother and father Carlos, Calramon was able to build the hand for Nick, a high school teacher, who needed a usable 3D printed prosthetic. Read More…

Macaw receives world’s first 3D printed titanium beak, gets second chance at life

Gigi the Macaw gets 3D printed titanium beak

Gigi the Macaw gets 3D printed titanium beak

Gigi, a bright blue and yellow Macaw was found in a captivity in Brazil, having severe damage to its beak which meant difficulty in eating. This would seriously lower its chances of receiving nutrition and luckily for Gigi as team of veterinarians from the Animal Care Center Ipiranga in São Paulo came to her rescue. They created a 3D design of the bird’s beak and with help from facial reconstruction specialist Cicero Moraes and veterinary dentist Paul Miamoto, Gigi received the world’s first 3D printed titanium beak.
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Brain-controlled prosthetic hand with individual finger movement

Mind-controlled prosthetic arm

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory physicians and biomedical engineers have developed a modular prosthetic limb which can be controlled with mind. Not only the hand but fingers can also be mind-controlled by the user. This brain-machine interface controls the real-time moment of individual prosthetic fingers. Using high-density electrocorticography (ECoG) array, the brain response is recorded and translated into the motor movement of fingers. The prosthetic has been developed for people who have lost their arms to disease or injury.
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Innovation award for Lego prosthetic arm that lets children design their own hand


It’s not the kids alone who are appreciative of the IKO Creative Prosthetic System. Jury at the prestigious digital technology summit Netexplo organized in Paris was equally approving and awarded the Lego prosthetic arm, which disabled children can customize to their need, with an innovation award.  The Lego prosthetic system designed by Colombian designer Carlos Arturo Torres of the UMEA Institute of design that allows children to custom build their own Lego accessories won the Grand Prix award at the event.  Read More…

Paralyzed man with robotic hand wired directly into the brain can feel his fingers


Prosthetic hand with sensory feel

A man paralyzed for over a decade, as a result of spinal cord injury, has been fitted with a robotic hand wired directly to his brain that allows him to feel almost naturally. Using the prosthetic hand developed by Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, a 28-year-old man is now able to feel not only when the hand is touched but also tell which finger is being touched.   Read More…

17-year-old inventor creates affordable voice-controlled prosthetic arm

Nilay Mehta 3D printed prosthetic arm

3D printed voice-controlled robotic arm for amputees

Prosthetics have changes lives of many amputees who can now live with far more freedom. But this advanced robotics technology doesn’t come cheap, as the final cost can seep into thousands of dollars. Obviously, everyone cannot afford to buy such prosthetics and therefore 3D printing is the logical answer to building low cost artificial limbs. Meet Nilay Mehta from Irvine High School who has made a cheap 3D printed prosthetic arm that can be voice-controlled.
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Lego prosthetic arm for kids that doubles as a tool to play with

IKO prosthetic system by Carlos Arturo Torres from the UMEA Institute of design

The thought of hooking on prosthetic limb can be sometimes mentally stressing for kids. It is related to self-esteem and the bad perception that kids have around artificial arms. That is what Carlos Arturo Torres from the UMEA Institute of design believed and wanted to fix as soon as possible. Hence he came-up with the idea of IKO prosthetic system (in collaboration with Lego FutureLab and CIREC) that gives disabled kids the freedom to let loose their creativity and use their prosthetic as a child’s play. In-fact it releases them from any negative thoughts and also attracts attention of other kids who just want to get the chance to play with this cool Lego prosthetic.
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World’s first prosthetic leg that feels like a real limb to the patient

Prosthetic leg by Hubert Egger

The best option for an amputee to gain back lost motor ability is through prosthetics and the artificial limb comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example a prosthetic leg gives the amputated person the ability to walk and perform everyday chores of life without much problem. However, artificial limbs come with own set of problem, the major one being phantom pain.
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