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Valve VR controller prototypes spotted at Steam Dev Days

Valve VR Controllers

The complexion of experiencing virtual reality is already changing with the announcement of Oculus Touch controllers. Now, Valve has followed suite revealing its VR controller prototypes at the Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle. The VR controllers strap onto your hand to provide tactical feedback and initiate input. Using natural muscle memory, these controllers mimic in-game movements of throwing –picking objects or holding guns and taking shots at the enemy.
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Edible drones will deliver emergency food in disaster zones


The concept of building drones with metal and plastic is so old fashioned, new trend is building edible drones. UAVs made from edible material just like this chocolate drone. In development is a new drone that will be edible and disposable and would be tailor made to reach food supplies to remote areas or disaster zones. The drone called Pouncer is being designed by engineer and adventurer Nigel Gifford, who came to fame for selling his solar satellite to Facebook for $20 million in 2014. Read More…

Roborace takes first self-driving race car to the racetrack


Welcome to the future of high speed racing – cars that will zip around racetracks sans drivers onboard. This is the future being realized by a new racing car prototype being developed by a British Company called Roborace. DevBot, as the prototype racer is called, is in development to herald a race series of self-driving race cars that will participate in 2016/17 Formula E Championship.    Read More…

Striker VR demos functional prototype of Arena Infinity VR gun

Arena Infinity haptic VR gun

Virtual reality has come a long way from VR headsets with stuffed in smartphones. Striker VR is one company that is making this transformation, and the change is evident in form of Arena Infinity haptic VR gun that was first revealed in April. Striker VR demoed the working prototype of the gun. Arena Infinity gun simulates fire modes and haptic effects of a range of real life weapons that players can experience in virtual reality. To make the haptic feedback possible, the wireless gun features linear actuator with haptics on-board.   Read More…

Sharp’s bendable OLED display might feature in future Apple iPhones

Sharp flexible OLED display

Envisioning foldable smartphones and bendable displays as the next juncture in gadget technology, many electronic companies are investing their R&D in developing such technology. Sharp is the latest company to have come-up with a prototype 3.4-inch bendable OLED display which can be used in smartphones and other wearable gadgets in the coming years. Sharp has developed this foldable display having IGZO (indium-gallium-zinc oxide) energy-saving panel technology at the facility in Tenri, Nara Prefecture.
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Sony’s Future Lab Program develops Interactive Tabletop and voice-assisted headphones

Sony Interactive Tabletop projector

Sony wants to stay abreast the race for fashion-forward wearables that solve some inherent purpose. For this they have formed a new R&D outfit called Future Lab Program and they demonstrated a couple of prototype gadgets of the future at the SXSW event in Austin. One of these is a neck-worn Bluetooth headphone which is more of a multi-directional speaker and the other one an Interactive Tabletop projector that turns any surface into a touch-sensitive display. For now each one of these is a prototype and Sony hasn’t shed any light on whether they are going to get into production stage.
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MWC 2016: Flexible display bracelet gives a sneak-peak of the future

FlexEnable flexible display bracelet_1

Rollable and bendable display gadgets are going to rule the coming future and we got to see one more wearable proving that all right. This is FlexEnable’s prototype 4.7-inch organic LCD flexible display which wraps around on your wrist to show all the vital information you need to be abreast with. The UK-based company has partnered with Chunghwa Picture Tube to develop such kind of OLED displays and this one is one of them. The bracelet sits on your wrist and for now the prototype displays a demo of the technology which aims bring all the needed applications on your wrist.
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Nigerian boy makes fully-functional mini excavator at home

Fidellis Nwachukwu mini excavator

A Nigerian boy has successfully demonstrated his prototype mini version of an excavator that he build at home without any prior knowledge of automotive technologies or mechanical engineering. Fidellis Nwachukwu demonstrated his mini excavator at the Abuja International Motor Fair held in Nigeria. Coming from a very poor background and worried about his nation’s economic condition, the boy wants to change the scenario with his own innovations. The mini excavator is completely functional and Fidellis says his motivation for making one came from his belief in divine inspiration.
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Gel-based touchscreen brings up physical buttons on demand

GelTouch touchscreen with physical buttons-1

We all love the touchscreen displays; quite rightly, since buttoned phones are out of business, almost! How are you with the idea of a touchscreen display which reveals physical buttons when you need them and hides them away when not require? Sounds good? If it does, Researchers from Technische Universität Berlin in Berlin, Germany, have devised a touchscreen with layer of gel on top of it, which stiffens when heat is applied to it and softens when the heat cools off. This phenomenon makes it possible for the display to have temporary buttons, in any shape when needed and return to normal touch display later. Read More…

Canon shows its VR headset prototype having 120 degree FOV

Canon VR headset

The fight for VR headset supremacy is still in its infancy stage and developers of virtual reality hardware are exploring new ways to provide the user with exactly what is needed. Canon joined that fight with their secretive VR headset prototype that was shown-off at 2015 Expo in New York last week. Unlike other virtual reality headsets, Canon has opted for a handheld design which feels more like a periscope. Canon hasn’t named or revealed much of the VR headset and is under development for further improvements and addition of more features.
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