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Watch this Lego robot emulate the maker’s body movement with precision

Cyclops exoskeleton suit robot

The concept shown in Real Steel movie is quite intriguing where robots are controlled by their human counterpart’s body movements. Daniele Bendettelli seems to be inspired by that very sci-fi though as he has come-up with a cool way to control humanoid robot Cyclops MK ll that he build using Legos and electronic parts. He just has to wear a Bluetooth connected exoskeleton suit on his body and then whatever body movement he makes, the robot emulates that.
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Samsung’s innovative gadgets spotted in Avengers: Age of Ultron movie

Samsung Avengers gadgets

If you watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie closely, you might have noticed all the fancy gadgets that our superhero uses. And if you though they were just fancy electronics created for the movie and have nothing to do with reality, you are wrong. The communications device are actual concept prototypes created by Samsung who collaborated with Marvel to create devices that live-up to the futuristic theme of this movie. The challenge was to design them in such a way that they look practical and easy to use in most tense situations like a battle scene.
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FOVE eye tracking VR headset becomes lighter and more comfortable


Remember the fantastic eye tracking virtual reality headset, the FOVE, which managed an immaculate backing on Kickstarter? The world’s first eye tracking VR headset is going through an evolution phase and recently it has come up with exciting new updates. FOVE has a new and improved industrial design. The new form factor ensures the device is much lighter, smaller and more ergonomic. The new design also guarantees more stability, performance and sustainability, all in all a far more comfortable user experience. Read More…

GloveOne wearable lets you feel virtual reality for real!

GloveOne Glove Wearables

GloveOne adds the dimension of touch for your VR experience

Virtual reality lets you interact with augmented environment in such a way that it feels real, aided by visual and audio feed. But there is still an element missing, the element of touch and feel. GloveOne created by Spanish company NeuroDigital Technologies looks to plug this gap of sensation in virtual reality, literally making you feel it in the hands. The wearable is loaded with touch sensors that let the user feel the object in augmented reality environment via sensations created from 10 actuators placed on key points on the palms and fingertips.
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Thin headphones made from printed electronics are music for the soul

Maxime Loiseau headphones using roll to roll manufacturing

Headphones made from roll to roll printing technology

Music is food for thought, music is indeed life for some. Modern headphones and earphones quench that thirst for music giving you the freedom to enjoy music anywhere you want. The basic form factor and manufacturing technique for earphones and headphones has remained the same, but now a new kind of headphone freshens-up the scenario. These are headphones by Maxime Loiseau that make use of printed electronics manufacturing technology which eliminates the need for any wires, welded electronics or injection molding methods.

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Teenager invents walking cane gadget that helps blind people stroll safely

SmartWalk walking cane

Teenagers are intuitive, and it is quite clear from the teenage inventions that we have seen in the past. Another invention is out there that proves how intelligent and concerned teenager are about problems most of ignore. Raghav Ganesh, a 13-year old student from San Jose has invented a device that helps blind people in moving safely in public places. Raghav has named this device as SmartWalk which started as a science fair project, but ended as a gadget that could be attached to any walking cane for better navigation.
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MWC 2015: Spiral 3 Google Project Ara phone coming to users soon!

Spiral 3 Google Project Ara phone

Google’s Project Ara has been a very ambitious attempt to make a modular smartphone that is highly customizable and gives the user freedom to make hardware changes whenever needed. Good news is that you might see the Google Ara Project in less than six weeks, as an equally ambitious Miami-based venture Yezz has adopted Google Ara as a platform for their component manufacturing and teaming up with Google for releasing the first phone dubbed Spiral 3.
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Wind-powered drone that can fly forever is under development

XAir Unmanned Aerial Systems wind powered drone

Drones that we have in the current era are highly dependent on their batteries which is directly proportional to the amount of time they can fly. A California-based startup XAir Unmanned Aerial Systems has all eyes set on changing this handicap with a drone that is wind-powered. Yes, a drone that flies propelled by the air it floats in. They have developed a prototype of this drone which so far has been able to fly for two hours non-stop without the requirement of any physical battery-powered source. There is just a solar panel which charges the electronics and the internal battery of this drone.
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SenSei Glove aids blind people in sensing obstacles for easier commuting

SenSei Glove Nottingham University

Life is not easy when you have to spend whole of it not being able to see what’s around you. Many technologies have aimed to cure or get around this problem, but a very few have been close to curing it completely. The best approach is to develop alternative methods by which blindness can be countered. And what better than wearable technology. SenSei Glove developed by management students, Raivat Luthura and Serkan Oztas, from Nottingham University aims to help blind people by sensing the proximity of objects for safe navigation.
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Microsoft Research develop prototype that charges phone with light beam

AutoCharge by Microsoft Research

Mobile devices like smartphones are great to have, but they come with the disadvantage of sucking up battery power, needing for you to recharge frequently. There are many innovations undergoing currently to solve this predicament and bless mobile devices with longer battery life. Another means is to look for alternate charging methods that don’t require any wired or wireless charging requirements. Microsoft Research is working on the same lines, and have developed a prototype they call AutoCharge, which is a technology to charge your smartphone using a beam of light.
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