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CES 2015: Wearable Nixie drone amuses everyone at the mega event

Wearable nixie drone clicks selfies

Yes we love drones and in particular the Nixie drone that caught our eye just a few months ago. The winner of Intel Make it Wearable competition held in San Francisco, Nixie drone got the much deserved attention at CES 2015 when developer Christoph Kohstall showed the Intel Nixie drone camera in a keynote at the mega event. Intel’s keynote presented by CEO Brian Krzanich also included the Intel Curie module for modern wearables.
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First Ascent drone retracts into the shape of a water bottle

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone folds into itself

Drones have been ruling the roost when it comes to surveillance and taking never before seen footage. The design however has been the priority for drone manufactures as a lightweight frame always has an advantage. Backcountry Drones have developed a drone tailor-made for adventure seekers who like to keep the weight of their backpack down and want to have a flying machine that can take-off from their palm and land on ground without the need of a landing gear. Although the Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone may not be as compact as the Nixie drone but it surely is good enough to make it through the production lines.
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Spiral 1 – First working prototype of Google Project Ara modular phone revealed

Spiral 1 Google Project Ara prototype

Google Project Ara modular phone

Every single news of the Google Project Ara modular phone has excited me simply because of the limitless possibilities it brings to the forefront. The modular phone is slated to be released in 2015 and now the big news is the arrival of first prototype of this much awaited phone. Called as Spiral 1, the prototype is developed by NK Labs in Boston and Google has posted a video showing the open hardware platform phone. So far the developers have managed to get removable components like LED module, application processor, speakers, USB charging port and LED module into the modular form factor that currently takes up almost 50% of the phone’s body.
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Modular Paper Robot walks like an insect and should be kept away from fire!

Paper Robot ZURI

Arduino-powered Paper Robot

Robotics have taken a huge leap ever since the Japanese and Chinese geeks decided to take matters in their own hands, coming up with some unbelievable applications of robotics. German’s are not that far too and this paper robot proves the fact. Meet ZURI (a.k.a Paper Robot), a programmable modular robot that is made from paper and grey cardboard. The robot is currently in its prototype stage and can be assembled in just a matter of minutes using household tools.
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Microsoft Research working on smart stylus & tablet that preempt your intent

Digital pen stylus and tablet by Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research has been working on quite a few new technologies including the flexible input display introduced yesterday. Now, they have revealed a very futuristic stylus that you can call a smart stylus, since it knows how it is being held and how the user intends to use it. Taking human-computer interaction to the next level, the team headed by Bill Buxton and Ken Hinckley at Microsoft Research (MSR) along with researchers from Cornell University and the University of Manitoba to create a tablet and stylus that closely analyses every detail using inertial sensors. Read More…

Rare Apple iPhone 6 Prototype goes viral on eBay

iPhone 6 Prototype on bid eBay

If by any chance you’re planning to purchase a 64GB iPhone 6 anytime soon, you may just want to give an iPhone 6 Prototype up for grabs on eBay a generous look – only catch, you need to have a hundred thousand dollars to take it home. The Apple iPhone 6 Prototype which was accidently sent to a customer upon renewing his contract with Verizon has been put on bid on eBay and is currently priced at $94,600 at the time of writing. According to the explanation posted in support of the device explain that the device is authentic. The seller is providing 110% guarantee on it being an authentic Apple prototype device. Read More…

Driverless concept car by Dominic Wilcox for the year 2059

Dominic Wilcox Mini driverless concept car with stained glass

One look at this strange looking vehicle and you’ll assume that it has something to with the future of automation. And you are right, as this driverless glass car prototype designed by Dominic Wilcox for the Dezeen and Mini Frontiers exhibition, during the London Design Festival managed to attract many on-lookers. Dominic has a view that by the year 2059, driverless cars that are self-automated will be much safer than cars driven by drivers. Therefore, this will make sure there are no safety equipment like airbags or roll-cage inside the Mini car chassis as the car will be a living space on wheels.
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LG shows 18 inch flexible transparent display that can be rolled like a newspaper

LG flexible and transparent rollable display

LG has been working on flexible display technology for quite some time, in fact couple of years now. LG, as it promised has developed an 18 inch rollable OLED display along with 18 inch transparent display, paving way for future of display technologies used in HD displays. Apparently these are the world’s first flexible OLED displays of this size, and LG promises that it will have a humongous 60 inch flexible display coming in 2017. The display has a resolution of 1200 x 810 and a curvature radius of 30R which can be rolled up to a radius of 3 cm without incurring any damage to the display itself. The flexibility of this display comes courtesy a back pane made from highly molecular substance based on polyimide film, rather than the traditional plastic material for such flexible displays.
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Motus Motion Sleeve prevents ball pitcher injuries in baseball

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

Motus Pitcher sleeve with embedded pint-sized sensors

Baseball is surely a fun game for fans and strikers, but is it that much fun for pitchers who have to pitch the ball? As a baseball fan you might love the fiery delivery from the pitcher, but every time they throw the ball, they are increasing the changes of inducing pitch-related injuries that require Tommy John surgery. To get over this a Florida-based company has come to the forte with an ingenious solution called Motus Pitcher Sleeve which is in its prototype stage. This wearable gadget has accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that track the elbow and arm movement while pitching, and most importantly keeps a track of the forces acting on ulnar collateral ligament.
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Project LiveWire promises to bring electric Harley Davidson motorbike on road

Project LiveWire Electric Harley Davidson

Every bike lover wants to own a Harley Davidson simply because of the quality that this cruise motorcycle has been proving to its users for the last 111 years. That roaring, yet soothing noise of the engine and the intimidating bike design has captured the imagination of riders for a very long time now. But now Harley Davidson is taking a detour from their traditional gas powered motorcycles and venturing into battery powered electric motorcycle division too. Project LiveWire is Harley’s attempt to make an electric cruise motorbike that is as good as the unbeatable Harley Davidson motorcycles made during the century.
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