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Why ‘PC Gaming’ is better than ‘Console Gaming’

PC gaming vs console gaming 22

Recent years have seen the number of handheld console enthusiasts rise exponentially, thanks to cutting edge innovation in the industry. Despite competition from Microsoft’s Xbox line, Sony’s PlayStation 4 stood its ground in 2016 to again become the year’s most sought after electronic device made exclusively for gaming. And now with the release of the PlayStation Pro, things are expected to get even better for the company.
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1TB Sony PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition console coming this monsoon season

1TB Sony PlayStation Ultimate Player Edition gaming console

A game of cat and mouse is brewing between Sony and Microsoft to capture gaming console supremacy. Last year it wasXbox One that caught Sony PlayStation unaware and pushed ahead in competition and now Sony is returning the favor back by announcing the 1 TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition console which has almost double the hard drive space when compared to the previous model. One would have believed that Sony would make the announcement at E3 2015, but they held the horses back and made the reveal today.
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Iron Man themed PS4 controller that you can also make for just $50!

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

PlayStation 4 gaming console that looks intimidatingly cool, this is the first though that struck my mind as I lay eyes on this picture. It is the work of Reditt user [touchmeinthebeard] who used some smart work to turn an ordinary looking PlayStation 4 controller into an Iron Man themed controller that looks flashing gorgeous and would go perfectly with the Iron Man themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The DIY is quite easy to accomplish and is not as extensive as the Steampunk PS4 project, so read on further.
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Steampunk PS4 gaming controller is fit for the Victorian era

Steampunk PS4 gaming controller

Doing non-stop gaming on your PlayStation 4 is fun, but of course with your controller that makes the whole session enduring. If you have done countless hours of gaming on your console and got bored of the same controller, then have a look at this steampunk PS4 controller modded by Dr. Leslie Aromo. The modded PS4 controller is inspired by The Order 1886, a single-player third-person shooter video game released for PlayStation 4 on Feburary20, 2015.
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PlayBox: Laptop combines a PS4 with XBox One

Xbook One by Ed Zarick

Ed Zarick, US based self-taught engineer and console modder have created Xbook One, an Xbox One laptop that will bring smile to the face of every gamer out here. Combining a PS4 with an Xbox One in the same device, the PlayBox is a plastic case which holds an Xbox One inside with a 22″ LED LDC monitor and a custom-built base that contains the vital parts of the console. In the past too, Ed Zarick has created number of Xbooks laptops and his last creation was the PlayBook 4, which he had created last October.
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Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4 sets your gaming console apart from the rest

Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4

Want a classy wooden cover for your PlayStation 4, then you are in luck as Balolo has come up with a very sleek Wooden Cover PlayStation 4. The world’s first ever genuine wood cover that is just .7mm thin and embraces all the details of your favorite gaming console. Crafted to perfection in Germany, the covers are made from the finest wood that will give a very unique look to your PlayStation 4 while you are engrossed playing your favorite gaming titles.
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Project Morpheus – Sony’s virtual reality headset for PS4 revealed at GDC

PlayStation Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PS4

Sony finally took the drapes off its long awaited virtual reality device for PlayStation 4, code named as Project Morpheus, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The reveal was done by SCE Worldwide Studio’s Shuhei Yoshida during the GDC session titles ‘Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment.’ 3 years in the making and still in the prototype stage, the virtual reality headset by Sony for PS4 gaming console promises unmatchable gaming experience with amazing special sound and visual that will immerse the gamer into another world.
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Sony’s PlayStation Vita TV caters to gaming and media streaming

Sony's PlayStation Vita TV

Things are certainly rolling for Sony’s handheld PS Vita. A few days ago on 5th September, it had its first ‘proper’ shooter in the form of the loot rich Killzone: Mercenaries. And, then Sony has announced a brand new PS Vita model four days later. However, some of us might have missed another Vita device that Sony had quite oddly unveiled, and that is the PlayStation Vita TV. As many of you can deduce from its name, the Vita TV has no screen of its own; it needs to be connected to a television or HD monitor for your gaming experience.

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