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CES 2017: GoPro Karma drone to be re-launched in February

Go Pro Karma relaunch CES 2017

GoPro were expecting big things with its Karma drone, but instead things went South and the company had to recall the units. The reason? Well, the drone people had purchased was having loss of power issues and tumbling from the sky. In fact GoPro had to recall all the units and refund the buyers with the full purchase amount. That is a very news from the perspective of business as well as brand image.
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AirSelfie – tiny drone with built-in camera gives wings to your selfie craze

Airselfie drone

What does a selfie fanatic in you do when stretching the arm or flexing out the selfie stick cannot fit in all friends or family members in one shareable frame? If you may, you can opt for AirSelfie – a pocket sized drone with built-in HD camera that can hover in midair to capture every moment perfectly. AirSelfie can takeoff right out of the palm of your hand, hover in air controlled with a smartphone app, and be returned to rest in a custom phone case, wherein it can recharge for another round of selfies. Read More…

Robotic bees will pollinate Earth when real ones are extinct

B-Droid Robotic bee

Environmental pollution and human activities have taken a toll on the balance of the ecosystem, making numerous living species extinct. Bees are the next in line for mass extinction, and sadly it is going to happen in the next few years if we don’t do anything to curb our activities. Bees being the main source of pollinators play a crucial role in growing new plants and trees. So what are we going to do when there are no bees to pollinate the planet Earth? Scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology have developed robotic bees for pollination to come over this problem.
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Hover Camera: Hovering pet like AI drone by Zero – Zero Robotics

Hover Camera Drone_1

Technology has been advancing every day in all the spheres of life, and we benefit from the new tech-developments which are coming in the market every day. One such amazing development is the Beijing’s Zero – Zero Robotics (self-flying) Hover Camera. The drone is invention of Wang Mengqiu, the SEO of Zero – Zero Robotics. It is more than a personalized drone which captures the pictures of users by hovering over and around them from different angles. The major catch in this artificial intelligent drone flying camera is that unlike the big and heavy drones available in the market, this passport sized 4K camera is very light weight, takes almost no space and takes beautiful 13 megapixel photos with 4K video recording capabilities. Another good feature of this camera drone is that it does not use stereo vision (which is used by nearly all the drones), rather it uses facial recognition and follows a specific user to take their pictures.
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DJI Mavic – Compact drone that fits in your pocket

DJI Mavic Drone

DJI is the best when it comes to consumer drones, and they proved it all-right with Phantom 4. Now the drone maker wants you to fly Mavic, a compact drone small enough to carry in a backpack or even a big back pocket of your pants. This quadcopter is almost half the size of DJI Phantom 4, without any comprise in its functions. To be precise, it can still do subject tracking, autonomous landings, gesture controls and avoid obstacles with ease. Most importantly, its video shooting capability is stunning, since it is loaded with 4K capable 12-megapixel camera shooting at 1080p HD (30 fps).
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Flybrix: DIY Lego drone which makes you better at electronics

Flybrix Drone

Sure you can buy all the fancy drones out in the market these days, but where is the fun in that. It would be more exciting to build your own drone, and fly it high. Flybrix wants you to do with its Lego drone kit which can be assembled from scratch. The biggest advantage of making this drone is that you won’t have to bear the huge repair costs in case you break the drone. All it takes is around half-an-hour to assemble the Lego drone, and soar it in the sky. Moreover, it enhances your DIY abilities too, when it comes to electronics.
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Teenager develops world’s fastest consumer drone

Teal Drone

The world’s fastest drone is just around the corner, and no it’s not a DJI drone. 18-year-old George Matus, who has always been fascinated by flying things is one step closer to releasing his production version of an intelligent drone. He has launched Teal, a drone for beginners which is claimed to be smarter than any drone currently available in the market. And it is twice as fast as the DJI Phantom 4 drone. Teal has a top speed of 85 mph, and it can be deemed as the sportscar of drone world. Just like any other drone, it has standard functions like barrel-rolling, flipping, camera stabilization and recording in 4K quality.
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Mini Space X Falcon 9 nails tough landing in a swimming pool

Mini Falcon 9 landing

Elon Musk’s dream of space tourism is inching closer to practicality with the four-storey tall Falcon 9 spacecraft which has been undergoing rigorous testing in the last year or so. The testing has been fruitful and the two stage rocket looks on course for what’s been planned by Elon Musk. One of its achievement has been landing on a drone ship in the middle of an ocean. While all this is exciting for the world and astronomy lovers, another hobbyist [ajw61185] has posted a video on Youtube which replicates the Falcon 9 landing sequence in a scaled down version.
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Your chance to get cool gadgets at lowest possible prices

Gadget Sale

Who doesn’t like modern gadgets which are more of a toy to us grown-ups and bliss for kids who want nothing else but a playful time. The toys have changed so much in the last decade and more often than not, now they are more of smartphone connected or RC gadgets. Buying drones can burn a hole in your pocket and professional FPV cameras don’t come cheap either. Same is true for underwater recording cameras and accessories. As a gadget lover you want accessories that come at reasonable price and promise quality to the last bit.
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This palm-sized quadcopter fits inside the remote control

Mini Quadcopter

Palm-sized quadcopters always attract us and for good reason. They are easy to carry, maneuver in the air and look absolutely cute. As an adult you can fly them around on a weekend or perhaps as a kid fly it inside the house. Fayee FY804 Mini is one quadcopter from that very domain which captures your imagination. This 6 axis gyro quadcopter can fly in the air for approximately 8 minutes while performing 360 degree rollovers. Just like the Tarantula Spider Quadcopter this one too comes with headless mode for beginners and two separate modes depending on your level of expertise.
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