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PowerUp FPV turns your paper plane into a flying drone

PowerUp FPV paper plane drone_1

With the kind of technology at our disposal, it is not hard to achieve what was earlier unattainable. Flying paper planes was a favorite pass-time in the yesteryears and today we have things like drones/quadcopters and of course smartphone games that let you fly paper planes. Giving a new dimension to the good old paper plane flying paired with augmented reality, PowerUp Toys has partnered with acclaimed drone maker Parrot to come-up with first person view paper plane flying.
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Drones building bridge autonomously is both exciting and worrying news

Drone building bridge

What robotics and other autonomous machines can do in the future is still too farsighted to predict, but seeing from what is happening in the current era, we better get ready for the sweet chin music. However, not jumping to any conclusions and believing that robots will dominate the next millennium (even rule us humans), another ability has been added to their skill-set The ability to build bridges autonomously that are safe for humans.
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SKEYE Pico Drone – World’s smallest drone flies right off your finger tip

Skeye Pico Drone is worlds smallest drone

Skeye Pico Drone is the world’s smallest drone

You can now have the world’s smallest drone in the palm of your hand, but don’t lose it in the thick bushes thought. Yes, a drone measuring just 2.2 X 2.2 cm on all sides has been launched by Dutch manufacturer TRNDLabs and it is smaller than their earlier version of the world’s smallest drone dubbed Nano Drone. So, basically they have broken their own record and this tiny little toy weighs just 7 grams (0.25 ounces) making it a cute little gadget for flying around in open spaces.
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Disney introduces irresistible Star Wars Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone

Disney introduces irresistible Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone by Air Hogs

As a part of the promotion for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, Disney reveled a set of remote controlled flying toys during live streaming event (Forced Friday) at the ongoing Fans Expo in Dallas. These flying warships created by Air Hogs caught everyone by surprise and it would be safe to say that they are going to be on your wish list soon.
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4k video shooting Snap Drone will become your next favorite toy

Vantage Robotics Snap Drone

We have so many drones out there for purchase, that making the right choice becomes a very difficult task. This quandary, however, is not the case with Vantage Robotics, a new kind of drone which has everything you want in a drone that can be taken anywhere. Snap drone is your UAV for every occasion and it is way simpler to operate than some of the other options in the market.
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FotoKite Phi: The simplest drone that can do some major tasks

FotoKite drone

Drones and playful quadcopters have grown in stature in the last few years simply because of their multitude of uses. Whether is about shooting stunning footage from aerial view or taking selfie footage while you perform skateboarding stunts; drones have limitless possibilities. But over time they have become more complex and it was imperative that there would arrive a drone so simple that even a kid could use it. Meet FotoKite Phi, a drone which looks to be inspired from kite and is more of a toy on leash.
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Some drone breaching your privacy? Shoot that son of a gun down!

Drone Munition_2

Drones have brought a whole slew of problems like privacy breach and much more dangerous issues like infiltration into highly restricted aerospace. Not only that, a man claims that he mounted GLOCK pistol to a drone and figured out a way to shoot rounds remotely and that too with accuracy. Now that is a major security concern along with other reports that clearly show the breach of privacy by people on their neighbors. To end any nuisance created by drones, Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. has an answer.
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$799 DJI Phantom 3 is one feature-rich drone to own

DJI Phantom 3 drone

Drones are fun and good tool to explore your creativity. But they come with a premium price and leading drone manufacturers like DJI want to plug-in that loophole to increase their customer base. DJI Phantom 3 is that very answer to an affordable drone which doesn’t compromise on quality. The autonomous flying machine has a very good 12MP camera which shoots distortion free image even from a great distance thanks to its image stabilization feature.
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Interchangeable lens 4K camera that mounts on your drone

E1 interchangable lens camera

Over the period of a year or so drones have been able change the complexion of video shooting through a whole new perspective. These UAV’s give people the freedom to shoot exclusive footage from a different perspective. Although, the recorded image or video using a drone like DJI Phantom is not of the highest quality. DJI tried to rectify that with the DJI Inspire One drone which records in 4K quality, but the price tag of $2899 is a big turn-off for many.
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This drone is built to fire a handgun [Video]

It was around the Halloween last year when we saw a fireworks shooting drone, and here we have video of a drone that is more lethal in skills. Unlike the not so dangerous fireworks shooting drone, this one has a semiautomatic handgun on board, which shoots bang on target. The drone can shoot four shots on a flight, with certain recoil, which pushes the drone backwards in flight. Read More…