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US Army rejects $42m worth four-legged robot because it’s too noisy!

DARPA funded robotic mule developed by Boston Dynamics

DARPA funded LS3 quadruped robot a.k.a BigDog has been in the making for quite some time and now there is some bad news for the poor thing. The United States Marine Corp have abandoned the robotic mule for use in combat situations as it makes too much noise and gives away position of soldiers in battlefield. So, that means this soldier is not going to be in the plan of things for US Army who want to use thousands of robotic forces by 2030.
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Quadruped robot walks its way into the book of Guinness World Records

quadruped robot

A four-legged Chinese robot named Xingzhe No. 1 has walked into the Guinness World Records book for a stellar marathon performance and defeated the earlier record held by American robot. This record titled ‘Furthest distance covered by a quadruped robot’ was beaten by almost double the distance as the quadruped robot developed by a team from the College of Automation of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications walked a distance of 134.03 km (83.28 miles) in one go.
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Glaucus quadruped robot morphs into any shape sans any moving parts

Glaucus soft robot quadruped 3D printed

First look at this robot without any mechanical parts and it reminds me of Flubber. A form changing silicone robot that is 3D printed and changes shape via the inflating interior chambers. Glaucus (named after Blue Sea Slug Glaucus Atlanticus) is an open source quadruped robot designed by Super-Releaser that is capable of reproducing any body shape and even walk like a salamander by balancing on a pair of legs.

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Locomotion with Continuum Limbs: Robot with air-pressure filled legs is light-weight and flexible

Just like a fish out of water or a crab struggling to walk on sandy surface this robot with inflatable limbs with no supporting structure can walk wiggly on legs that function like flexible muscles of an octopus. Infact the main inspiration behind making this quadruped robot project called Locomotion with Continuum Limbs was the boneless body structure of octopus that can walk around and swim in deep waters only with the help of muscle power. Designed by Italian Institute of Technology and Kings College London the robot walks around with the help air-powered soft tentacles inside the hollow legs made from pipe structure. Just like an octopus it can have a very flexible tentacle curvature by altering the air pressure inside three air-filled tubes. Locomotion with Continuum Limbs project headed by Isuru S. Godage, Thrishantha Nanayakkara, and Darwin G. Caldwell was shown off at 2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in Vilamoura, Portugal.
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