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Raspberry Pi releases own Pixel OS for PC and Mac

raspberry oS
Raspberry Pi has announced introduction of its own, light-weight OS for Mac and PC– the Pixel. The OS is built on Debian and is light. That means, it can run on almost all old machines. Pixel OS includes a simple and clean desktop UI. The OS won’t ask the user to install it in order to access it. It can be downloaded, burn into disc, and can just run simply through a USB flash drive. It is as simple as a small tweak in PC’s BIOS. Mac users can do it by just pressing C key down while booting. The OS will offer the Chromium web browser and suite of productivity and coding tools that includes a lot of useful Linux apps except MineCraft or Woldfram Mathematica. Read More…

DIYer builds palm-sized SNES with Raspberry Pi Zero

SNES console with Raspberry Pi Zero

Nintendo revealed NES all-in-one console at the San Diego Comic Con and the mini-console is scheduled to launch with built-in library of 30 games for Christmas. Before Nintendo rolls out an original console, YouTube user lyberty5 (Hugo Dorison) has handmade a palm-sized SNES that you’d want to have. The Dorison’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System comprises a well painted clay exterior and is fitted in with a Raspberry Pi Zero and couple of USB hubs. The 16-bit DIY console comes pre-installed with games like Kirby Super Star, Doom and Yoshi’s Island. Read More…

Doom running on a chainsaw makes absolute sense

Chainsaw running Doom

Give DIY’ers a Raspberry Pi and they’ll come up with things you never imagined before. Like playing Doom 2 on a chainsaw. That is exactly what George Merlocco did, and dubbed it Painsaw. A Doom game fan, George modded an Echo Junior Chainsaw Toy to power it with a Raspberry Pi Zero. He also used the Chocolate Doom source port to replicate the first series of Doom released in early 1990s.
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Rombus-CT mini cocktail arcade machine plays Pac-Man

Rombus CT arcade machine

Guys over at CircuitBeard (not Circuit Board) love tinkering around with electronics, and yes they love beards too. These bunch of geeks also like arcade gaming and looking at them it is hard to believe they are not exploring the countryside on their Harley’s. However, here they are with an arcade cabinet machine which is as cool as some of the other arcade cabinets we have seen so far, if not best of them.
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50% faster Raspberry Pi 3 has on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi, the choice brain for all the intuitive DIY gadgets out there just got better. Raspberry Pi Foundation, the makers of this small and power-packed computing brain celebrated their fourth birthday with the announcement of Raspberry Pi 3 chip which comes with on-board Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) module. This module is going to be powered by a 64-bit computing board. Beefing up the power by 50% is the quad-core 64-bit 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A53 chip.
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Tabletop arcade machine relives non-stop gaming mania of the ’80s

STARFORCE PI arcade console

Arcade gaming will never lose its charm and will continue to inspire video game lovers into creating DIY rigs that remind us of the good old days. One DIY’er has gone the length and put his project up on Kickstarter for funding to mass produce a mini arcade machine which is purely awesome. Marcel J. de Haan has finally completed the prototype of STARFORCE PI an electronic tabletop mini-arcade machine paying homage to the golden era of classic gaming.
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Play “Super Mario” or “Metallica” on the rocking “Guitar Boy”

Guitar Boy

When one combines gaming and music, it is pure nirvana. Nothing compares to the fun element and you just want to lock those doors and do both these activities as long as you can do. Fibbef, one of the administrator at BitFixGaming decided to get these two things together for the 2015 Game Boy classic building competition. He managed to fix all the hardware inside an electric guitar and make it look like an over-sized Nintendo Classic Game Boy circa 1989. Not only does it look like a Game Boy fixed inside a guitar, but it is actually functional. No wonder he likes to call it the Guitar Boy.
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Cold Boy – Mini fridge turned into a Game Boy machine, boy oh boy!

Cold Boy Mini Fridge turned into Game Boy

What does it take to be creative and do something that somebody never even though of doing? Actually not much, but this mental barrier is too over-whelming for most of us to cross. That however is not the case with Daniel d’Entremont who is an art history major. As opposed to his academic pursuit this bloke decided to run his imagination wild and turn a mini fridge into a Game Boy, all by himself. The inspiration, well, he used to look at his fridge and always wondered how it looked like a Nintendo Game Boy, so decided to turn it into one.
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Turn your Raspberry Pi into 7-inch touchscreen tablet for $60

Raspberry Pi 7-inch touchscreen tablet

If you ask me, there is no better low cost computer than Raspberry Pi. For anyone who has played with the Raspberry Pi knows it well. Now, if wanted a touchscreen display to tinker with your Pi; Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched a $60 7-inch touch display that is good to transform the mini-computer into a tablet. This sure isn’t going as impressive as one of the mainstream tablets from Samsung or Apple, but for $60 you can’t ask for more. Read More…

Official Raspberry Pi case with removable top for $10

Official raspberry-pi-case

Ever since the pint-sized computer – Raspberry Pi has made it to the fore, it has been an apple of the eye for modders and DIY-ers. Raspberry Pi has been used in construction of more computing accessories than we can even count. Modders have also been active at creating cases for the Raspberry Pi. We have seen unofficial Lego and aluminum cases for the Pi before, but it’s for the first time after three years of its inception that an official Raspberry Pi case is developed. Read More…