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Razer Nabu tracks fitness while retaining sports watch aesthetics

Razer Nabu Watch_5

At the ongoing CES 2016 in Las Vegas Razer has revealed their line-up of gadgets & gizmos for the inner gamer in you. Most noticeable of them is a smartwatch or should I say it watch that is smart. Razer Nabu watch doesn’t relate to gaming in any way but nobody’s complaining and it is yet another option from the huge variety of smart watches on offer these days. Coming in a sports watch design this water-resistant chronograph (up to 5ATM) is fitness tracker, sleep analyzer, notification hub for calls/emails etc. and of course a rugged watch for outdoor activities.
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CES 2015: Razer OSVR headset is an open source platform for developers

Razer OSVR headset CES 2015

Razer OSVR open source VR headset

Razer at CES 2015 has come up with its own version of HUD headgear for virtual reality and it says that their version is not an Oculus Rift competitor in any way. We however, would like to question that thought as the Razer VR headset is going to give Oculus Rift VR a good complementing aid and perhaps in the future develop its own stand-alone VR headset. Enough to give Oculus Rift worthy competition in its own domain.
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CES 2014: Razer Project Christine modular gaming PC is invincible

Razer Project Christine CES 2014

Razer being a frontrunner in making leading gaming and PC equipment has taken the onus of giving the world its first ever modular gaming system that is customizable beyond belief. At 2014 CES Razer has revealed Project Christine prototype which is a modular gaming computer that even an average Joe can customize on will at any given time courtesy the PCI-Express architecture, meaning that you wouldn’t have to buy a new computer in case your CPU configuration degrades with time. More like a slot of hardware fitting console, Christine will have separate sections for slotting in new hard disks, RAM, CPU GPU or other hardware. Each of these wire free modules will have liquid cooling and noise cancellation so you can expect it to be super quiet and cool even while playing the most graphics intensive games.

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CES 2014: Smartwatch + Health tracker = Razer Nabu

Razer Nabu wristband

Such is the excitement of gadget freaks for smartwatches and wearable technology that every company out there is considering adding smartwatch and health monitoring devices to their line-up. Razer Nabu revealed at CES 2014 clearly shows the influence of wearable technology in today’s gizmo world. A mix of smartwatch and health tracking device the wearable wristband features fitness product features and smartphone notifications. All the notifications icons are displayed on a small 32 pixel square screen and data such as text messages, emails etc. are displayed on a 128×32 screen panel. Both these screens are on opposite sides to each other, making one of them invisible when the other is being viewed, perhaps a privacy feature that users will like.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Razer Blade gaming laptop up for grabs

Razer has offered their range of Star Wars gaming gear in the past too but this time around it is totally state-of-the-art with the revealing of their all new Star Wars: The Old Republic Razer Blade gaming laptop. This is a part of the winner’s prize for The Sweepstake contest and one of a kind aluminum Razer Blade is made from the ground zero with laser etched, matte painted aluminum panels, official fonts & iconography from Star Wars: The Old Republic and a very attractive yellow backlit keyboard with customizable buttons. Powered by i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GT555M graphics processor having 2GB dedicated memory and LED backlit high-definition 1080 17.3” display makes it a true geeky gaming laptop.
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