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Adidas creates 3D printed running shoe finished in recycled ocean waste


Sportswear giant Adidas, with the ambition to change the way footwear industries has thrived over the years, is steadily venturing into the field of eco-friendly shoes. In collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, Adidas revealed a pair of shoes made from recycled ocean waste back in June. Now, taking that notch further, Adidas is combining 3D printing technology with ocean waste recycling to create their new concept shoe probably called “Ocean Plastic.” Read More…

Epson’s PaperLab is in-office paper recycling machine we always wanted

Seiko Epson PaperLab

Paper is the most used item in an office. It is also the most wasted commodity. Offering a green initiative to change the way we use paper in office, Seiko Epson has developed what is the world’s first office paper recycling system. Called PaperLab, the 8.5-foot-wide machine is created with the purpose to convert used paper into clean, new white sheet in matter of minutes, without the use of water. Scheduled to go on sale in Japan in 2016, PaperLab has been designed to strip paper into fiber before it is treated with additives to bind fabric back, remove color on used paper and return it with the lustrous white appearance.    Read More…

Gasoline-powered speaker made from scarp plays music from your phone


World’s largest pair of headphones is simply the most intimidating piece of consumer electronics out there. And yes the pair is made from different sourced scrap material. Here is the biggest and the heaviest speaker system you’ll come across and this is again made from locally sourced materials. Created by Dutch recycled-things designer Stefan Bus, who is founder of the Bus Metal Art studio in Netherlands; the badass speaker system called Mega Boom Blaster is compatible with a computer, smartphone or a MP3 player. Simply attach the device to the Boom Blaster and experience the entire home shaking. Read More…

Portcar – Short of funds, students use old junk to built solar-powered car

solar-powered port car

There is a place known as Antalya in Turkey, and it’s famous for bright sunshine it’s blessed with. The region gets a lot of sunlight throughout the year, and it’s a boon for those who wish to harness renewable energy of the sun. Taking inspiration from the same fact, students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Akdeniz University are working on a solar-powered car since 2011. They named it as ‘Portcar’. Read More…

Jaze Phua’s LED boosted Iron Man figurine made from old soda cans

Jaze Phua's Iron Man figurine

When it comes to the realm of DIY Iron Man contrivances, the designs ranging from flying suits to 3D printed helmets are galore. However this time around, we have also come across a bit of ‘conscientious’ ingenuity, with Jaze Phua’s Iron Man figurine made entirely from 60 used soda cans. A 22-year old artist and filmmaker from Singapore, Phua was irrecoverably inspired from the day he watched the first Iron Man movie. As a result of his fascination, he started brainstorming and finally created a helmet from used cans. After its success, he also realized that aluminum is a credible material for a larger scaled design. Finally, he got around to building a Iron Man figurine bedecked with glorious details and LED razzmatazz.

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DIY Nikon SLR Cardboard Camera made from recycled material

Cardboard camera

For photograph fanatics Marta Crass has created a replica Nikon SLR just from cardboard and recycled material. Being hand cut without the use of any precision machining tools like laser cutting machine or plotter, the Cardboard Camera resembles the real thing very closely. Measuring 6.5” x 4.5” in length and height respectively the replica camera is an emulation of the 1960’s era Nikon camera of her grandfather. Although it can take no pictures and is rendered useless once it drops in the water, this replica camera made from cardboard is geekishly cool and can be yours for $150. If that price is too high for you then the best thing you can do is to enjoy it in pictures or set out on making one for yourself from the visual clues you have.
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Recycled Vintage Panasonic Video Camera Lamp with iPhone Dock has that retro flavor

iPhone docks always catch the eyes of geeky bunch out there and this is just the apt one for nerdy geeks. This iPhone docking station made from an old Panasonic Video Camera has a Lamp too which lights up the whole thing and gives this dock a little extra ting as a dim soothing light creates a good ambience. Called as the Upcycled Vintage Panasonic Video Camera Lamp with iPhone Dock this one is created by [iasVintage] and is up on Etsy for $59 USD. The iPhone docking station measuring 13X5X13 inches is embedded on the front portion of video camera above the lens. Only one of this piece is available so you better order it before someone else does it.
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Students develop first ever 3D printed boat from recycled milk jugs

Geekdom is at its best when students get down to creating things for competitions that even the biggest names in the industry would think twice before trying. Such is an effort from ‘Washington Open Object Fabricator’ Group (WOOF), University of Washington’s Engineering students and Open 3D Printing Lab, who have collaborated to develop 3D printed boat from HDPE milk jugs to compete at the 42nd Annual Milk Carton Derby. Read More…

Limited edition briefcase made from Spitfire parts defines luxury!

Few things form the World War II have been as fascinating as the Spitfire, while it is long gone, there isn’t a doubt that designers have kept it alive in some form or the other. Case in point this brand new limited edition briefcase made from Spitfire parts by craftsman Christopher Bennett of TMB Art Metal, London. The unique case draws it elliptical shape from the shape of the wings of the Spitfire, while the main frame of the briefcase is decked out in polished aluminum parts of the Spitfire engine. The sides of the limited edition (only 12 available) case feature bridle leather, and its interiors are finished in burgundy goat leather, copper and walnut wood.

Via: ClassicDriver/TMBAM

Archipelago Cinema – A floating cinema that doubles as an event venue

Artificial floating islands are one of the most interesting man-made creations that offer us a chance to live on waves. Taking this concept to a whole new level, German architect Ole Scheeren built a floating cinema called Archipelago Cinema. Beautiful floating architecture takes a cue from techniques used to construct floating lobster farms by the local fishermen. Keeping sustainability in mind, the whole structure is entirely made of recycled materials and joined together in a way to offer maximum flexibility for its future use. The architectural gem debuted at inaugural ceremony of the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival where screen, hanging between the deep blue sky and sea, delivered an unforgettable an enjoyable cinematic experience. For all guests – who were taken to the venue by boat in the darkness of the sea – it was one-of-a-kind outdoor movie watching experience. Ole Scheeren said that the idea of watching movies in the middle of the sea seemed amazing. As the festival ended, the floating cinema was dismantled and donated to the village where it was built.

Via : buro-os / Gizmodo / Fastcodesign