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Electrically conductive Belly Band monitors fetal health during pregnancy

Belly Band wearable RFID tracker for pregnant lady

Traditionally for monitoring fetal and uterine contractions during the latter stages of pregnancy, the patient has to visit the doctor, and even be required to hook up to a machine. But now researchers at Drexel University have developed a belly band that monitors uterine contractions and fetal heart rate in real time. This helps the patient and caretakers to keep a track of the fetal development without even visiting the hospital on a regular basis. This application of wearable technology will make the troublesome period of pregnancy hassle free and most of all non-invasive, for example during the due dates of delivery.
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CES 2014: Mimo baby monitor gives real-time updates on infant’s vital aspects

Mimo baby monitor

Is this the wearable technology we have been waiting for? Well, Intel has joined in the CES party of wearable devices, and contrived what might be one of the most practical tracking conceptions for real-time scenarios. Designed in collaboration with Rest Devices, the contrivance entails a wearable tech onesie tailored for baby monitoring. Christened as the Mimo, the onesie comprises of a organic cotton kimono integrated with machine washable sensors (the green stripes). These special sensors are responsible for detecting and precisely measuring the baby’s respiration pattern.

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