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McDonald’s Happy Meal box turns into a VR headset, yes it does

McDonalds Happy Goggles VR headset_3

After gulping down your Happy Meal at McDonald’s’ you would not even bother about the box in which it came. That is about to change for people in Sweden coming Saturday and the consecutive one (March 5 and March 12) between 11AM and 3PM. As a part of promotion, the campaign is all about giving away 3,500 Happy Goggles at 14 restaurants to kids. The virtual reality viewer goggles will be more like the Google Cardboard VR headset, simple and easy to use. You just have to remove the lens pack, tear the box around perforated edges, put it together and slide you phone inside it to enjoy VR content.
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Flying waiter drone ready to serve in Singapore restaurant by 2015

Infinium robotics drone waiter

Infinium Robotics drone waiter to serve food in Singapore restaurant

Robots and UAV’s have taken our world by the storm with a future domination by mechanized intellects staring us straight in the face. Well, that is a far-sighted reality which we’ll eventually have to cope-up with. For now let us focus on their benefits however. Just like iTray, the flying tray drone, a Singapore restaurant is going to get robotic flying waiters for its five outlets in the city to automate the process of serving its guests. Infinium Robotics has signed a deal with Timbre Group to introduce this technology by the end of 2015 in their restaurants to serve people.
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UK’s restaurant offers free service for foodies who share picture of their meal

Pay by picture Birds Eye Inspirations

You go out to enjoy a good meal and to your surprise you notice that the meal is going to be free. Now that is interesting as it would bring a smile to your face if you are a foodie. All this is not a gimmick, and is actually true as The Picture House restaurant opening in Manchester’s Pioneer Suite on Canal Street, UK is going to serve free food for its customers. Free food! Well, you would think that it is a crazy decision but the restaurant sees the bigger picture with their new strategy.
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Brazilian restaurant’s niche idea turns food tray and smartphone into an interactive football game

The goal screen Giraffas football penalty shoot out

As FIFA World Cup 2014 is nearing, the excitement of football is transcending into the lives of fans worldwide. And it is ever so high in Brazil, the host country for this global extravaganza. Giraffas, a fast food chain in Brazil noticed that 90% of its customers are playing with their smartphones while having meals, and decided to come up with an interactive way to keep them busy while enjoying the food. Hence came idea of the Goal Screen which combines the real world dynamics and virtual world elements to come up with an interactive gaming experience that builds on the soccer fever that’s gripping everyone around.
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iTray: First iPad-controlled flying tray serves you in London

iTray -  iPad controlled FylingTray

What if your understanding of the word ‘Fast Food’ could have a literal meaning? World’s first iPad-controlled flying tray in YO! Sushi in Soho, London, is serving its customers with appetizers and drinks in a brand new way. Called as iTray, the flying tray drone is made from carbon fiber material and can hurl at the speed of 25mph for a distance of 50 meters aided by on-board cameras that provide live video feed to waiters and kitchen staff to keep a check if the food has been delivered. Read More…

Robot themed restaurant in China awaits you with robot cooks and waiters

Themed restaurants have come of age; we’ve seen all kinds of theme based restaurants and hotels making appearance, but there is still scope for robot themed restaurant. Robot waiters and servicemen are actually the future, and that’s exactly what a robot themed restaurant will display. In case you’re freaked out by the concept, then pack your bags and fly to the China’s Heilongjiang province’s capital, Harbin, where a restaurant has robot waiters ready to serve you the meal of your liking. The restaurant has about 18 robots working in different capacities in the restaurant. While you, as a guest, will see robots delivering you dishes at your table, inside the kitchen there are other robots that are doing the dishes, boiling dumplings and cooking what you are being served. I am just dying to be in Harbin! Are you?

Via: ChinaDaily

Sveti super yacht concept by Pastrovich Studio for state of the art luxury experience

Italian design studio Pastrovich is never shy of putting forth futuristic designs and this time around they present a mind boggling overview of 150 m motor yacht called Sveti. Deemed as one the pioneering luxury super yacht of the future this concept looks more probable to make it past the drawing board and into reality for demanding customers around the globe who long for unforgettable experience on serene waters. The concept is to provide an open plan living feeling provided by humungous floor to ceiling windows further amplified by door openings to extend the space outside. Guests can lounge, bathe or dine in complete privacy in spell bounding view like none other as the clear window openings give the feeling as if you were floating in clear water. One of the many yacht concepts like Adastra Luxury Superyacht and the much smaller Intense hybrid foldable yacht concept this one too is very well designed to say the least.
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