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Researchers develop EEG-based, non-invasive robotic arm that converts thoughts into action  

EEG-Based Robotic Cap
A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota have achieved a breakthrough success in the field of prosthesis by developing a non-invasive technology that doesn’t require any implant to transmit brain-signals.  The researchers have developed EEG-based robotic arm that a subject can control through thoughts. As per a study published in Scientific Reports, an electroencephalography (EEG) based brain-computer interface can record even weak electrical singles in the brain of the subject.  The set-up includes a specialized EEG cap that houses 64 electrodes.  The cap processes the signals to transmit it to the robotic arm to grasp or move a subject to specific direction. Read More…

Third robotic arm transforms musician into a superhuman drummer

Gil Weinberg with Tyler White playing drums with a robotic arm

Being a drummer is not easy and it takes a toll on your hands and fingers. All the famous drummers have however defied the odds and played all their life like super humans. Their only wish, having an extra arm so that they could bamboozle the world. For one drummer that wish has come true as researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a wearable robotic limb which functions as third arm for a drummer. This intelligent robotic arm attaches to drummer’s shoulder and it automatically switches from playing ride cymbal to the snare depending on what the drummer is playing.
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Welder builds mind-controlled prosthetic arm from scrap, but what’s the truth?

Mind controlled robotic hand by I Wayan Sumardana from Indonesia

I Wayan Sumardana (a.k.a Tawan) is a 31-year-old welder from Indonesia claims to have made a mind-controlled robotic arm which aid him in his daily tasks. Yes, he made it all by himself from scrap metal and other parts. No doubting the locals call him Iron Man, as he goes on doing his daily chores with a mechanized left hand which has been paralyzed for a long time after an ailment, and doctors confirmed he has mind stroke. Based on his knowledge gained from the education as machine engineering student in high school, Wayan made it all from bike parts, computer hardware and many other scrap things.
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17-year-old inventor creates affordable voice-controlled prosthetic arm

Nilay Mehta 3D printed prosthetic arm

3D printed voice-controlled robotic arm for amputees

Prosthetics have changes lives of many amputees who can now live with far more freedom. But this advanced robotics technology doesn’t come cheap, as the final cost can seep into thousands of dollars. Obviously, everyone cannot afford to buy such prosthetics and therefore 3D printing is the logical answer to building low cost artificial limbs. Meet Nilay Mehta from Irvine High School who has made a cheap 3D printed prosthetic arm that can be voice-controlled.
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Machine VS. Human: Can this one-armed robot match the skills of a master Japanese swordsman?

Yaskawa Bushido Project

Yaskawa Motoman MH24 robot arm against Isao Machii , Iaijyutsu Master

Robotics has fast evolved into a field that in a way is the flashback of human evolution, looking up to a future that will be assisted by machines in more ways than not. These mechanical machines are eventually going to evolve and match us humans, and for good I hope. However we are still in that metamorphosis phase and another example of a robot matching the complex skills of a human is demonstrated by the Yaskawa Bushido Project which puts Yaskawa Motoman MH24 robot arm against Isao Machii , Iaijyutsu Master a 5 times Guinness World Record holder in sword cuts. Read More…

Art-Bot robotic arm made from bicycle parts cuts effortlessly through wood

Art Bot robotic arm made from recycled bicycle parts_2

Morgan Rauscher has been working on an 8-inch long robotic arm dubbed Art-Bot for almost a decade now, that can cut through hardwood with ease courtesy a chainsaw attached to the arm ending. Interestingly the robotic arm is made from bicycle parts to demonstrate how trash material can be used to create something worth adoring. The robotic arm is controlled with the help of arcade machine like buttons salvaged from arcade video game which gives one the feel of maneuvering around the robotic hand in a gaming like environment.
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Battery-powered upper body exoskeleton Titan Arm wins James Dyson award

titan arm

Two things that really fascinate me about exoskeletons is the ease with which they assist the differently abled and the way these increase human strength immensely. Following the application and its design magnificence, Titan Arm – a battery powered robotic exoskeleton has won the 2013 James Dyson award, which signifies that the future of humans with super-strengths is finally nearing reach. Developed by four mechanical engineering students at University of Pennsylvania (who will get $45,000 with additional $15,000), the prototype robotic arm augments the upper body strengths by almost 40 pounds and being customizable, the exoskeleton can be tweaked to handle a lot more. Read More…

Rice University students build functional robotic arm for a 17-year-old


Dee Faught is a 17-year-old who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta – a genetic condition which causes brittle bones. Over the year, wheelchair bound Dee has been dependent on others for every little thing. But now, thanks to a fully-functional robotic arm developed by engineering students at Rice University, Dee can be more independent and reach out for things own his own. Called the R-ARM, the robotic hand designed specifically for Dee is really state-of-the-art and has won the engineering students behind the arm the George R. Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase and Competition. Read More…

Amputee builds himself a functional prosthetic arm

 Angel Sanguino prosthetic arm

Remember Christina Stephens, a lower limb amputee who build herself a prosthetic leg out of Lego bricks? We’ll now to impress our wits, a 33-year-old Venezuelan Angel Sanguino, who lost his left arm (from the shoulder down) in an accident last year, has built himself a robotic arm which allows him to carry out many useful tasks. A talented electronics technician, Angel lost his job after his disability, but that didn’t work as a deterrent for him, and in under a year, he is back repairing electronic components just like before without anybody else’s assistance – thanks to his homemade prosthetic arm created precisely to help him work again.

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The Most Powerful Arm Ever invented signs your name to support DMD

The Most Powerful Arm Ever invented

Not many of us are aware of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), it is progressive deterioration of muscles leading to total immobilization – a disease that affects 1 in every 3,500 kids (99% of who are male). To raise awareness for young sufferers of DMD, Finch and Havas Worldwide, Sydney have developed the world’s first petition signing bionic arm for Save Our Sons and the Duchenne Foundation. The bionic arm, dubbed The Most Powerful Arm Ever (named so because of its power to save lives) has been invented to ‘write’ – something young DMD sufferers cannot.

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