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Kiyouki Amano is back with ‘Arm Skirt’- Skirt with remote controlled robotic arms

Arm Skirt

Advanced robotics and electronics have begun to come handy with fashion accessories, and the most creative as well as creepy creations are obviously, reported from Japan. Kiyouki Amano has just unveiled the ‘Arm Skirt’ – a skirt with two robotic arms that can hold things like bottle of water or mobile for the user. The arms appear to crawl out smoothly from the skirt, which reminds us of the tentacles of Doctor Octopus which worked as eight additional incredibly powerful robotic arms.
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Seventh grader contrives the ‘Braigo’, a Braille printer made of Lego bricks

Braigo Braille printer made of Lego

Innovation does come in various shapes and forms. And, this time around, it is embodied as a Lego contrivance. Californian seventh grader Shubham Banerjee has created what might be the answer to those slews of high cost Braille printers. The twelve year old inventor has ingeniously devised the ‘Braigo’, a bantam Braille printer made entirely out of Lego bricks. Utilizing a $350 Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit and a few assorted hardware items from Home Depot, the end result is a nifty device that goes beyond its science fair project label.

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