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Chinese robot reporter publishes its first ever article, journalists feel insecure

Robot reporter

Of all things in this tech dominated era, robots are definitely taking huge leaps as far as AI is concerned. They look like humans, behave like humans and ultimately are going to take over the control from us humans. As weird as that might sound, it is the future of robotics which is already making our jaws drop in one way or the other. Apparently, yet another chapter to the applications of robotics in professional arena has been added.
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This 4m tall, 1.5 ton heavy robot mimics movement of the human inside

4m tall human controlled robot

Social Media was taken with surprise when Vitaly Bulgaro shared a video of a 4m tall and 1.5 ton heavy manned robot that can walk and mimic movement of the human controlling it, just like in James Cameron’s Avatar. The robot is still work-in-progress in South Korea. But for now the giant robot can be seen to move hands up and down, take steps and follow action of the human in the helm. Read More…

Just Eat’s robot delivers a surprised woman her takeaway meal

Just Eat delivery robot

The complexion of food delivery to your doorsteps is changing gradually with the introduction of delivery robots. A few months ago we saw Domino’s pizza delivering robot make first appearance in Australia and New Zealand, and now it’s Greenwich in the news. Just Eat has delivered a takeaway meal to Greenwich resident Simone who ordered it from Turkish restaurant, Taksim Meze using the Just Eat app. The surprised woman was elated to see a droid on her doorstep, and describes it as something right out of a movie scene.
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Google’s Atlas humanoid can now walk like us humans

Atlas humanoid robot by Google

Atlas, the Boston Dynamics’ (now owned by Google) ace robot has improved a lot in the last couple of years owing to intense development. It has demonstrated successfully how to get up after being pinned down to the ground, and a whole set of new features which make it a pioneering innovation aimed for the tech dominated future. Now, the robot can walk on uneven terrain, and I mean really uneven terrain that would be hard for us humans to walk on.
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MAX – Flexible and lightweight exoskeleton promises bionic future

MAX exoskeleton_2

Exoskeletons give able mobility to the elderly and people employed in heavy manufacturing industry. But they can be bulky and complicated to use. To make more practical usability of exoskeletons and lend the users ease of use, MAX (Modular Agile eXoskeleton) system is here. This low cost exoskeleton promises ultra-mobility is specially designed for industries where workers have to be in a crouched position.
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San Jose Airport recruits 3 robotic assistants in customer service team

Robotic Airport Customer Service

Robots, slowly but consistently are taking-over the place of humans as attendants or helpers like in airport and restaurants. On the same lines Mineta San Jose International Airport has also recruited some robotic employees. Now, along with other staff members in customer service, three automated assistants will coax passengers at the Airport. Norma, Amelia and Piper can communicate in six languages and assist passengers looking for directions, shops, restaurants etc. Read More…

Artificial knee exoskeleton developed by Beihang University researchers

Beihang robot

Most of the exoskeletons we featured have been developed keeping in mind certain disability or assistance in walking for the elderly. Yet another example of an exoskeleton deemed to help paralyzed patients in walking again is being developed by researchers at Beihang University in China. The biologically inspired lower limb exoskeleton is created keeping in mind the human knee joint. Hence, this advanced artificial limb has scope for natural knee moment which has rotating and sliding mechanism.
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Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robot could be your future housekeeper

Boston Robotics SpotMini Robot

Boston Dynamics have been making serious headway into the field of robotics and practical robots which are going to shape the future. Their most famous creation is the Spot Robotic Dog which seems to have an active conscious and is very smart indeed. Now the Alphabet-owned (presumably, as Toyota is in talks to buy it) company has something ever better for us. A cute little version of Spot which is aptly named as SpotMini.
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Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot is fun way to teach coding to kids

Sphero Sprk + robot

Sphero has created a USP for itself with rolling robots in the last couple of years. Initially it was the 2B robot (a.k.a Ollie) and then later last year we saw the popular Star Wars themed Sphero BB-8 robot which was gesture-controlled. Sphero has taken the next step forward with its improved Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot. The rolling bot has better scratch-resistance and new version of Bluetooth to make pairing with multiple devices much easier. Also, it is completely water-resistant and can easily swim across in water. Other than that the cool toy is similar to its big brother in size and battery life.
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