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This gymnastics robot has got some sick skills

Gymnastic robot

Robots are really evolving into machines that are more convincing, efficient and have superhuman capabilities. If a robot were to challenge a world class gymnast, how would it fair in the challenge? By the look of things it would be a stiff challenge for the most agile gymnast out there, and it’s just the beginning. This Japanese robot has got some sick skills when it comes to being spatially aware, along with the agility to move lighting fast moves.

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Google’s Atlas humanoid can now walk like us humans

Atlas humanoid robot by Google

Atlas, the Boston Dynamics’ (now owned by Google) ace robot has improved a lot in the last couple of years owing to intense development. It has demonstrated successfully how to get up after being pinned down to the ground, and a whole set of new features which make it a pioneering innovation aimed for the tech dominated future. Now, the robot can walk on uneven terrain, and I mean really uneven terrain that would be hard for us humans to walk on.
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First delivery drones commissioned to transport blood to hospitals in Rwanda

Zipline Zips delivery drones in Rwanda

We have seen drones deliver packages from Amazon and Burrito, but these delivery drones commissioned in Rwanda are for real and backed by the government for a purpose. Developed by Zipline – a San Francisco-based startup in collaboration with the government, the drones called Zips will be used to deliver blood to patients in Western Rwanda. The rural region has 21 transfusing centers but it has remained aloof of appropriate healthcare because of poor accessibility. Read More…

Disney Researchers develop one-legged hoping robot with built-in batteries

Untethered-One-Legged-Hopping-robot-disney research

We have confronted robots of varying sizes and shapes, and single-legged hopping robots are just one of them. Currently, the one-legged hoping robots are limited in their ability since they remain tethered to a power outlet. For the first time, Disney Researchers have broken the barrier and developed a battery-powered, untethered single-legged hoping robot. According to researchers, single legged robots can only move by hopping; therefore, this first-of-its-kind robot that does not require an external power source makes for a wonderful invention. Read More…

Google drones fly of Chipotle trucks to deliver burritos in Virginia Tech

Google delivery drone Virginia tech

Google’s parent company Alphabet has been working on delivery drones under Project Wing for quite some time. Now, in collaboration with Chipotle Mexican Grill, the company is all set to execute trial flights of the drones delivering burritos to the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. The drones approved by FAA’s new commercial guidelines will fly out autonomously from Chipotle food trucks, but will have manual backup ready to take controls in case of any problem.    Read More…

Battery-powered DURUS robot walks like humans in a pair of sneakers

DURUS walking robot

It’s a general notion in robotics – robots that stand and walk on two legs are more stable than ones on multiple legs and wheels. Enhancing upon the idea, boffins at Georgia Institute of Technology’s AMBER-Lab have provided their robot DURUS with the ability to walk like humans. The battery-powered robot can replicating human locomotion and walk with human-like heel strikes and push-offs. Read More…

Anki launches AI-powered robot Cozmo and it’s so damn cute

Anki Cozmo robot toy

We all love the Wall-E and we’re pleased to sight a glimpse of the little robot in the Cozmo. Cozmo is Anki’s – Artificial Intelligence startup that first grabbed limelight with their robot cars that race with a smartphone, first follow up robot that will charm the owners with its Wall-E like expressiveness. The palm-sized robot is stuffed with AI allure, and being a cusp of a dog and a cat (somewhat), Cozmo can easily remember your face, name and chase you around like any other pet at home. Read More…

Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot is fun way to teach coding to kids

Sphero Sprk + robot

Sphero has created a USP for itself with rolling robots in the last couple of years. Initially it was the 2B robot (a.k.a Ollie) and then later last year we saw the popular Star Wars themed Sphero BB-8 robot which was gesture-controlled. Sphero has taken the next step forward with its improved Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot. The rolling bot has better scratch-resistance and new version of Bluetooth to make pairing with multiple devices much easier. Also, it is completely water-resistant and can easily swim across in water. Other than that the cool toy is similar to its big brother in size and battery life.
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Berkeley roboticist builds robot designed to cause intentional injury and pain to humans


Amid high-activity in the field of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, Alexander Reben, a Berkeley roboticist and artist has done what Sir Isaac Asimov were strictly against off – crossing ethical limits while creating AI machines. This man has developed a sadistic robot to deliberately cause pain to humans. The robot is capable of inflicting severe injuries and cause hellish pain. Causing pain is the sole purpose of this evil creation. Well, that’s not true. It was just a joke, but there is some truth in it. Read More…

Jackrabbot – Social droid that can move in crowded spaces without mowing people

jackrabbot 3
One thing that robots couldn’t do (so far) was to conveniently walk through crowded human spaces, which comes very naturally to humans. Since, we are better at learning from observing or through experiences. A team from Stanford University is working on enabling robots to move alongside humans without intimidating with them. The team claims to have developed a droid, named Jackrabbot, that can navigate down streets without running into people coming from opposite direction.

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