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Mini Space X Falcon 9 nails tough landing in a swimming pool

Mini Falcon 9 landing

Elon Musk’s dream of space tourism is inching closer to practicality with the four-storey tall Falcon 9 spacecraft which has been undergoing rigorous testing in the last year or so. The testing has been fruitful and the two stage rocket looks on course for what’s been planned by Elon Musk. One of its achievement has been landing on a drone ship in the middle of an ocean. While all this is exciting for the world and astronomy lovers, another hobbyist [ajw61185] has posted a video on Youtube which replicates the Falcon 9 landing sequence in a scaled down version.
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Finally SpaceX tastes success, Falcon 9 takes-off and lands flawlessly

Space X Falcon 9 successful launch and landing_1

SpaceX at last tasted success in Florida as Falcon 9 rocket managed to take-off, separate from the second stage booster and then landed back on base without any flaws. This is the third time SpaceX tried to do so and coming on the back of two unsuccessful attempts this one surely tastes sweet. First time the rocket exploded on impact and in the second attempt too it damaged the landing gear. Elon Musk was elated by this event and expressed how 13 years of SpaceX seem more meaningful now.
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Blue Origin launch rocket into outer space, Jeffery P. Bezos keeps space tourism dream alive

Blue Origin space capsule

Blue Origin space capsule touches 100.5 km distance

Jeffery P. Bezos, the founder of Amazon has invested quite a lot of wealth in rocket technology for space mission and his efforts have finally paid-off. His space company Blue Origin has successfully launched a rocket in outer space and returned back home without a hitch. This reusable rocket named New Shepard rocket (named after Alan Shepard) travelled 329,839 feet (100.5 kms) to the extremity of Earth’s atmosphere.
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Octopus-inspired Rocket is one nimble robotic underwater creature

Octopus inspired robot by SMART researchers

Octopus is one of the smartest creature on planet earth, and no wonder intellectuals have tried to mimic its intelligence beyond comprehension. Researchers at FORTH tried to mimic the movement of octopus in water by developing a robot dubbed Octobot, having webbed tentacles with success. Now, another similar kind of octopus-inspired robot developed by Gabriel D. Weymouth and Mr Vignesh Subramaniam, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) research engineer has come to light. This endeavor deemed as Octopus-inspired Rocket is slightly better than the effort by FORTH researcher D. Tsakiris, since this robotic octopus can propel 10 times its body length in just 1 second flat.
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Rocket powered portable toilet seat hurls high in the sky

Port a potty rocket powered portable toilet

Port-a-potty rocket powered portable toilet

We have seen strange things being launched into the open sky. But a portable toilet, well that would require some heavy thrust! Call it odd or meaningless, but members at the Michiana Rocketry club managed to launch portable toilet dubbed Port-a-potty under the project “Thrusting the Throne” into the sky. The launch took place at a filed at Three Oaks, Michigan and ones who were present saw it in all glory.
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First ever 3D Printed rocket-powered aircraft is ready for a space ride

world’s first 3D printed rocket by LOHAN team

With NASA already investing in 3D printed metal rocket parts for their space ventures, technology magazine The Register along with bunch of enthusiasts are itself preparing to launch the world’s first 3D printed rocket into the space. Built by 30 committed volunteers of the company including aeronautical engineers and with the help of interested readers around the globe, it took four years to build the rocket. The project is sponsored by Exasol AG, a German data analytics firm and is titled “Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator,” or for short LOHAN.
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Man rides jet powered bicycle at record breaking 163 mph

Until just yesterday we believed Donhou Bicycles’ 100mph bike unveiled at Bespoked Bristol show recently would be the fastest bicycles when it would hit the street, but today we have woken up to an amazingly new record. François Gissy piloted his homemade rocket-powered bicycle up to record breaking speed of 163 mph (263km/h) on disused air force runway. Now is that the fastest bike ever? Not sure, the speed record isn’t yet verified. Sources state that the bicycle was a lot slower, so even we are awaiting an official word.

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3D printed rocket engine paves way for future manufacturing methods

Having a rocket powered engine is not something common and only a few can afford the costs involved but this is where 3D printing comes to your rescue by reducing the cost of producing rocket engine. The reasons for such mind-numbing costs include the complex engine system that need to be optimally build for taking on the intense heat and this involves very complicated welding and machining process. However 3D printing looks to simplify all this by manufacturing rocket engines at much much lower costs. Rocket Moonlighting is on a quest to 3D print a rocket engine using the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process in stainless steel with the operating fuel being propane and the oxidizer NO2.
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