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Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot curved monitor to debut at CES 2017

Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot curved monitor_2

Electronics shows are a good place to reveal curved screen monitors, and CES is the best platform of them all. Samsung too is planning to showcase its next iteration of curved screen monitor tailor-made for desktop gamers. At CES 2017, Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot is going to make first appearance, and the South Korean electronics giant is confident of its success as a new age accessory. The lineup of monitors is going to put the user right inside the action while gaming or watching multimedia content.
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iPhone 8 could feature edge-to-edge curved display

 iPhone 8 curved display

Representational image.

This is still too early to talk about iPhone 8, the next iPhone that’s slated to roll out in September 2017. Irrespective of the release date, rumors are ripe – the latest having that the iPhone 8 will be released with an OLED edge-to-edge curved display supplied to the Cupertino tech company by Samsung. The latest report coming from Korean media suggests Apple has ordered all plastic OLEDs (not glass) from Samsung Display. Read More…

Can the Google Pixel cut it against the heavyweights?

Google Pixel Smartphone

Apple and Samsung have dominated the smartphone universe for years, but now Google is trying to barge its way into the mix and upset the equilibrium with the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Will the computer and internet giant be able to shake up the established smartphone hierarchy? With Samsung having a nightmare with its exploding Note 7 range and Apple facing stick from scrapping the traditional headphone socket, now could be the perfect time for Google to capitalize. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Pixel XL.

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Samsung makes Galaxy Note7 return kit with thermal protective box

What do you do when you’re clueless about what’s happening to a device you’ve created as your most innovative product? If you’re Samsung, you just call off the product without worrying about your reputation. Following reports of blowing up Galaxy Note7s and their supposedly safe replacements meeting the same fate – Samsung finally killed the Note7 recently. Now, the South Korean electronics giant is left to work out a way to safely get all the sold phones back from worried customers. Since, Samsung is clueless as to why the Note7’s are blowing up, the company has created Galaxy Note7 return kit. Read More…

Following repeated fire issues, Samsung calls off Galaxy Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note called off

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most anticipated phablets of the year, and Samsung Galaxy Note7 (Seventh Galaxy Note) was no different. Galaxy Note7 was likely to compete for one of the best smartphones of the year, but under two months of launch, the fateful Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been discontinued by the company over fire concerns. Samsung has killed the flagship phone; it’s considered a step that will come as a huge blow for the South Korean electronics giant’s image, since it failed to resolve safety concerns regarding the handset. Read More…

Top trends in VR gaming we’ll see in the near future

virtual reality gaming

The possibilities with virtual reality gaming are limited only by our imaginations. Already, software developers and hardware developers have used their talents to create the ultimate gizmos to mimic reality and confuse our senses entirely. Virtual reality has always been at the back of our minds as a sci-fi concept that we would love to bring into our daily lives. It all began with Sensorama in 1962 and gained traction with The Lawnmower Man. Now, we know what virtual reality is capable of – pure pleasure. From the comfort of your airplane seat, the train or your desk, you can power up your virtual reality headset and instantly immerse yourself with Jon Bon Jovi on stage. Products like Jaunt VR have already made this possible.

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Batman-themed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Injustice edition coming soon

Galaxy note-7-batman

Samsung seems pretty impressed with Injustice: Gods Among Us. After the launch of Batman-themed Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition, Samsung is all set to give the Galaxy Note 7 a similar superhero makeover. According to a few images leaked on Chinese website Weibo, Galaxy Note 7 Injustice edition can be seen sporting a Batman theme. There are golden accents in around the button and camera housing and a very attractive Batman logo at the back. Read More…

Samsung unveils first removable UFS memory cards with speeds beyond compare

Samsung UFS cards

Samsung is world leader in advanced memory technology, and with the vision to remain well ahead in the race, Korean giant has unveiled world’s first removable UFS memory card based on JEDEC Universal Storage standard. Scheduled to release in 32, 64, 128 and 256GB capacities, the Samsung’s UFS cards are tailor made for DSLRs, 3D virtual reality cameras, drones, action cameras and smartphones and promise to be the next most revolutionary thing after memory cards. Read More…

All you need to know about Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is a technology from Apple company focused on streamlining home automation. Technology such as actuators for standing desk help lift the desk with just a button pushes such that it changes heights depending on how the user wants to work. Manufacturers such as Philips Hue Lights adopt HomeKit into their smart devices. Siri a single interface commands HomeKit-aided accessories that are safe and easy to control. A HomeKit-compatible application is used to set the home plus all rooms with appliances, then triggers and actions are used to control the accessories.

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Samsung Galaxy Surfboard displays coach’s instruction and tweets in real-time


Surfing is a cool sport, not only because you’re in the middle of the cool waters in scorching sun, also because it’s a sport to instill individual discipline and sense of judgment. With the newly prototyped surfboard by Samsung, the aspect of individuality associated with surfing may be in jeopardy. The Galaxy Surfboard (as it is called) is designed by Samsung in collaboration with design studio Leo Burnett. Read More…