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Rockstick 2 mouse exerts minimal strain on your wrist and shoulders

Rockstick 2 ergonomic wireless mouse 400-MA059 by Sanwa Supply

We have seen a lot of niche ideas for designing a PC mouse, but none is as creative as the Rockstick 2 by Sanwa Supply. This ergonomic wireless mouse has been designed in such a way that it eliminates any chances of developing strain on wrist or shoulder from long term use of mouse. For the left and right button input, a new kind of method is employed, wherein you move the mouse head to the left or right to complete the desired action.
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Multiple tablet charging cabinet with in-built cooling mechanism

Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charger

Japanese company Sanwa Supply has come up with a Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charging cabinet which can charge up to 10 tablets and a laptop at any given instance of time. The cabinet is ideal for offices and professional environments where a constant need to charge gadgets arises. The cabinet can charge any sized tablets and separate controls for supplying the power to charge makes sure that maximum power is conserved. Additionally you can synchronize all the tablets at once with a single touch of button. For extra security the cabinet has a lock mechanism and a security wire so that you can be rest-assured of any unauthorized access. This charging cabinet has an in-built fan that provides cooling inside the storage area making sure your tablet’s battery is not damaged by heat.
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