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Disabled Russian man invents self-propelled scuba-wheelchair

Scuba Wheelchair

Artist Sue Austine is known as the first man to create an underwater-wheelchair for disabled and had displayed what could be achieved with it. However, it was an expensive scuba-diving piece of hardware that was beyond common man’s reach. However, now, Igor Skikevich, a 51-years-old disabled Russian man, claims to have invented Submarine-Wheelchair – an affordable scuba-diving wheelchair.  He is seen giving a demonstration in a video.  Igor is seen doing all kind of underwater stunts and movements to show how flexible the ride is. The wheelchair features two propellers attached to rear of it. A strap is attached to the chair to keep the diver in place. Read More…

STEPDive combines possibility of snorkeling and scuba diving in one system

STEPDive snorkel system-1

Resting somewhere between snorkeling and scuba, the STEPDive by Austria-based start-up SnorkelDive Innovations, is an innovative new dive snorkel system for families and kids. Designed for beginners, who want to start diving, the STEPDive combines the possibility of snorkeling and diving in one system. The revolutionary snorkel comes with a floating buoy attached to a hose, which allows the user to dive up to 5 meters deep (as far as the hose allows). Since the buoy can be tethered to multiple users, one can go diving/snorkeling, as you may like, with friends, family or even kids.

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Amphibian SCUBA Diving Simulator: MIT researchers give disabled a way to explore underwater life

Amphibian SCUBA diving simulator

Scuba diving as an experience transports you into an altogether different world, and unfortunately having a phobia of deep water, I never managed to experience it myself. For people like me who are too afraid to venture into the depth of waters to explore a completely different world, researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Living Mobile Group have developed a SCUBA diving simulator. The research led by Dhruv Jain, a Master of Science candidate in the MIT Media Lab, who is partially deaf, along with Mishra Sra has come-up with the SCUBA simulator to help people with disability or water aqua phobia.
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Easybreath snorkeling mask allows natural breathing underwater

Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask

One basic problem with snorkel masks for underwater adventures is the comfort level while wearing it and the awkward breathing method through your mouth. It just doesn’t feel natural with your nose closed and taking air through your mouth. Also there are many other problems with snorkel masks like water entering into the mask itself and creating a panic for a novice diver or the natural instinct of breathing through the nose creating fog in the mask rendering visibility to zero. This was a challenge for designers at Tribord to come up with a unique design that would not require the diver to breathe through the mouth and also eliminated any chance of fog being created. And hence came to life the an award winning (2014 Oxylane Innovation Awards)Easybreath snorkeling mask that is a full-face snorkeling mask which allows you to breathe naturally underwater, just as you would do when out of water. Easybreath snorkeling mask makes it possible with double air-flow system that keeps out all the condensation that can be produced on the mask itself.
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Nauticam NA-1DX housing for DSLR cameras for breathtaking underwater shooting

Nauticam has launched its underwater camera housing NA-1DX for Canon EOS-1DX and Canon EOS-1DC which provides for an unparalleled shooting experience of the serene seas or any underwater location. With the top and rear command dials located on the sides of the housing, the double paddle lever assembly controls the record and AF-ON features. Settings like ISO are controlled through the right hand lever and all other quick mode and set buttons are accessible via the piano key controls.

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