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SanDisk reveals world’s 1TB SD card prototype, no release date yet

SanDisk 1TB SD card

Growing trend for high-resolution, 4K and 8K, photography and videography has created an unparalleled demand for high capacity SD cards that can support this exponentially growing content on phones and cameras. As a solution, Western Digital has announced a prototype SanDisk 1TB SDXC card at Photokina 2016 (world’s finest trade show for photographers) in Cologne, Germany. Read More…

World’s biggest SD card with massive 512GB storage from SanDisk

sandisk 512GB sd card

SanDisk had introduced its first SD card with a memory of 512 MB in 2003, and now, after 10 years, it has revealed another SD card with a massive storage capacity of 512 GB. It makes 512GB Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I world’s largest capacity SD card. It’s a giant leap in the field of SD card storage. Read More…

Sandisk’s ‘world’s fastest’ Extreme Pro SD card is tailored to 4K videos

Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card

Earlier we had talked about Panasonic’s venture into the nascent realm of  4K video cameras. And, now Sandisk has come up with a complementary technology for high speed transfer of ‘large sized’ Ultra HD videos. Christened in a grandiloquent manner as the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card, the three times faster memory card will have the ability to transfer 250MB/s of data in what is touted as the burst mode. Additionally, it will also boast of the lightning capacity to read 280MB/s of data in its optimized mode.

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RumbleRail floppy disk jukebox flaunts its display screen and LEDs

RumbleRail floppy disk jukebox

If we snoop around the vast realm of the internet, we are sure to find a few floppy drive based music projects. But there is something inherently different with the above pictured RumbleRail, a floppy disk jukebox. The very first thing that strikes us is the contraption’s expansive form factor comprising of a machined black aluminum rail. This nifty looking rail houses a total of eight floppy drives, complemented by eight floppy controllers, a small display, an SD card holder and a supporting stand. So many varied components come together in a seamless manner to embody a collective music playing device, with the standalone ability to load up MIDI files.

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CES 2013: Dane-Elec Wireless SmartReader fits in the pocket, streams media files on-the-go

Given the number of mobile devices we use and the amount of data we share, we need devices that can make our mobile experience more enjoyable. With the motive to make user’s mobile experience more exciting and handy, Dane-Elec has designed and launched a new line of mobile accessories called Mobile Junkie. Wireless SmartReader is the flagship model in the Mobile Junkie line of mobile devices. Other products in the line include Ultra-Mini USB drive, 3-in-1 Mobile Kit, and Secure Digital High Capacity memory card. Read More…

Softbank Memory Reader & Writer to backup iPhone/iPad data wirelessly

There are so many ways to back up data from the iPhone, but the Japanese think you may just need another more to-date way to backup those important files, photo and videos and have them played back to you as and when you need. To comply, Softbank SELECTION delivers the all new ‘Wireless Memory Reader & Writer’ of the iPhone and the iPad. Equipped with Wireless LAN and a SD card slot, the device is good to store all your data from the iPhone. Weighing in at 53g, the Wireless Memory Reader & Writer can be used as a wireless external storage also.

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