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Computer program alerts doctors on detecting seizures in infants

Computer program detects infant seizures

A team of scientists at the University College Cork have developed a computer algorithm that can alert doctors of newborn babies having seizures. The early detection computer program dubbed ANSeR is first-of-its-kind program developed to clinical trial stage. Almost 1-5 percent of babies can have seizures and clinical signs may be absent in as many as 85 percent of such infants, therefore a breakthrough as this, which potentially helps doctors detect a seizure attack can help millions of babies worldwide. Read More…

ESAP wearable device will have the ability to track rare kinds of seizures

ESAP alert system

In the contemporary field of electronics, wearable technology is billed as the next stop for communication based systems. Unfortunately, the trend is mostly associated with the ambit of smartphone applications, and how such a conventional (albeit redundant) scope can be emulated in a wearable form. But on the brighter side, we also had the fortune of coming across a few projects that take the unique and conscientious approach to wearable tech. And, RTI International’s ESAP prototype belongs to this exclusive category. Envisaged as an alert system, the contrivance can detect epileptic seizures and notify other family members around the affected person.

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