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Segway One S1– Self-balancing, single-wheel ride to be unveiled at CES 2017

Segway One S1Segway Inc. is well known as a leading provider of electric personal transportation. The company had begun with its quest to deliver new generation personal mobility devices in 2001 and now it has penetrated into various markets including law-enforcement. In November, Segaway in collaboration with Ninebot had announced the One S1- a single-wheel mobility device for pre-sale exclusively on Amazon for $749.
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AirWheel A3 electric commuter looks to take on Segway in a big way

Airwheel A3 personal commuting vehicle

Taking a detour from the trend of Segway-like personal mobility vehicles is this self-balancing scooter with a saddle that focuses on ergonomic riding comfort. In-fact it is somewhere between an electric unicycle and a Segway-like scooter, taking the best features from both these designs and putting it into one personal commuter. This is AirWheel A3 electric self-balancing scooter designed for urban commuting and portability.
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The electric Onewheel skateboard can scuttle freely and balance itself

Electric Onewheel skateboard

Waterproof Hydroflex skateboard is cool; the lightweight carbon-fiber skateboard is cooler; and the above pictured Onewheel skateboard is the coolest. Crafted as a self-balancing electric skateboard, the contraption gives you ‘feeling of flying’. How so? Well, according to the creators (California-based Future Motion), the core concept was inspired by those science fictional hover boards. In fact, the experience derived from the Onewheel is touted to be pretty similar to the breezy scuttling of a flying board, with the middle wheel doing all the balancing act and integrated LEDs showcasing the ‘suspension’ during night-times.

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Gesture controlled self-balancing MiP robot toy

MiP robot by WowWee

Robotics has taking huge leaps from what it was nearly 2 decades ago. Fresh example of intelligent robotic systems that will be a part of our life couple of decades from now is this MiP robot by toymaker WowWee in association with UCSD (University of California at San Diego). MiP which is a short form of Mobile Inverted Pendulum is a robotic machine that is controlled by hand gestures or through Bluetooth connectivity on any smartphone or tablet. MiP robot self-balances itself and has its own personality when it comes to interaction with random human beings.
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