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Ninebot By Segway MiniPRO: Next generation self-balancing scooter for urban commuters

Ninebot By Segway MiniPRO self balancing scooter

Ninebot Mini, the self-balancing scooter created quite a buzz last year and showed the world what future of personal commuting will be like in the coming years. Now Ninebot and Segway have joined forces to create an advanced self-balancing personal transporter which comes with even better features. Powered by Ninebot technology, the miniPRO two-wheel electric scooter has a higher top speed of 10 Mph, longer battery life which lasts for around 14 miles distance and safety features customary to Segway’s standards.
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Hoverboard getting too dangerous? Time to convert it into a HoverSeat

HoverCart hoverboard attachment for safe personal commuting

Hoverboards have become a bit of scare crow in the last few months owing to numerous reports of these personal commuters setting on fire. So, the best way to stay safe is to stay away from a Hoverboard for good. That is how most of the people perceive the situation. But guys over at BoatsToGo have a different idea to safely ride a hovercraft while adding to its utility. This is HoverSeat personal commuter which is more like a go-kart minus the steering wheel. The Florida-based firm has come up with the idea of attaching a set of rear wheels to the Hoverboard with chassis support for it to carry the weight of a full grown human in a sitting position.
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Kiwano KO-X Hoverboard uses reliable Samsung components, so it won’t explode

Kiwano KO-X Hoverboard

Hoverboards haven’t earned a good name for themselves in the last month or so owing to their safety concerns. These self-balancing scooters have been susceptible to fires and that has made them a less lucrative option for buyers. Kiwano’s designer Juan Contreras wants to change that perception with a Hoverboard powered by Samsung’s reliable batteries and components. The app connected KO-X scooter passes all safety regulations and will be available in the US market pretty soon.
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[Watch] Ninebot Mini – Xiaomi’s $315 self-balancing scooter


After Mi phones and smart wristbands, China’s Xiaomi is venturing into the future of personal transportation with Ninebot Mini – a self-balancing scooter or ‘hoverboard’ if you may. Announced by Xiaomi Chief Executive Officer Lei Jun at an event in Beijing; Ninebot Mini is developed in collaboration with Ninebot (a startup funded by Xiaomi). The self balancing scooter, being reckoned as a hoverboard (though it’s not a board and doesn’t hover) is not a typical Segway either. It does not have Segway-style handle to steer, instead a knee-high handle that allows rider to steer the Mini with leg movement to go left, right, forward or backward. Read More…

Chic-Robot Smart S1 personal mobility scooter stiffens competition for Segway

Chic-Robot Smart S1 personal mobility scooter

Personal mobility is going to be the future of transportation owing to its ease of portability and zero-emission qualities. Segway has been at the forefront of personal mobility and inspired many other manufacturer’s to come up with their versions of a solo upright positioned ride. But now, it is going to have some stiff competition from a very intuitively designed personal mobility vehicle by a Chinese manufacturer Chic-Robot. The personal electric scooter dubbed as Smart S1 is capable of going at a top speed of 10 km/h to a distance of 20 km on one charge and can also take on inclined pathways with 15 degree ascend or descend.
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