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Chrysler Portal: Semi-autonomous concept minivan to debut at CES 2017

Chrysler Portal Concept electric vehicle

Do you believe minivans carry the same old traditional aura of being boring and not so happening? Well, Fiat/Chrysler wants to change that image with its concept minivan which is all set to make a debut at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. To top it off the vehicle is all-electric and self-driving too. The company has named it ‘Portal’ going with the futuristic theme, and its overall design and look fully suggests that. The door of the minivan opens and closes like an elevator perfect for millennials.
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Apple’s first real hint on its ambition to develop self-driving car

self driving car Apple

Since the deployment of Project Titan, Apple’s separate organization to develop automotive projects – Apple has been rigorously working on a future self-driving car. The Cupertino tech giant had been secretive about the project until recently when the company gave out a strongest hint through a letter submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Read More…

Otto’s self-driving truck transports Budweiser beers on a busy Colorado highway

Otto self driving truck

Self-driving vehicles have been on the horizon for quite some time, and the technology keeps getting better with time. Putting those autonomous vehicles on the road takes immense courage, and that’s what Uber owned Otto has demonstrated. News was looming around that San Francisco-based startup was developing an aftermarket kit for commercial trucks to make then self-drivable. Now, they have teamed-up with Budweiser to accomplish something remarkable.
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Nissan ProPILOT Chair(s) makes queueing a comforting experience

Nissan ProPilot Chair

Nissan has already shown what its iteration of semi-autonomous cars is going to be like, along with other players who have shown-off their self-driving cars. Now the Japanese manufacturer wants you to experience automated propulsion in autonomous chairs. Yes, you heard it right, the automotive giant wants your wait in the queues of hospital to be a more comfortable experience. Nissan ProPILOT Chair lends its technology from the company’s self-driving car tech for single lane driving.
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‘Olli’ 3D printed self-driving bus debuts in Maryland, interacts with people on-board

Olli 3D printed self driving bus

Local Motors, the creator if world’s first 3D printed car has again surprised us with their new presentation. ‘Olli’ is a 3D printed electric vehicle which also happens to be autonomous. Well, it looks like every hot technology has been out together into one cool bus for urban commuting. This self-driving bus equipped with IBM Watson IoT (Internet of Things) for automotive industry is capable of transporting up to 12 people in one go. The vehicle is designed to give a personal touch to the passengers with ability to chat with them in a very natural manner.
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Domino’s Robotic Unit – Autonomous pizza delivery robot debuts in Australia and New Zealand

Dominos Robotic Unit for pizza delivery_1

We all love pizzas don’t we? And normally we like them delivered at our home. For all of you like me there is good news as Domino’s has created the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. Today Domino’s has launched DRU, Domino’s Robotic Unit developed in collaboration with Australian technology startup Marathon Targets which debuted in Queensland and Brisbane Australia as well as Wellington New Zealand for testing to deliver fresh pizza to the lucky ones. The three-foot tall self-driving robotic unit is capable of carrying pizza 20 km from its location to a customer. Read More…

Self-driving taxis coming to Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics

Robot Taxi

Self-driving cars are emerging to be the prime vision of the near future where automated vehicles will rule the streets. That dream is inching closer to reality as we have many prototype self-driving cars that promise safe ride even in the crowded streets that are not getting less busy in the coming years. Yet another development is taking place in Japan where a company Robot Taxi is on the verge of bringing robot taxis to the streets by 2016. The company is a joint venture between internet company DeNA and self-driving car technology company ZMP with support from the Japanese government.
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Volkswagen making a self-driving baby stroller, but is it safe?

Self-driving stroller with automatic braking system

Self-driving baby stroller with automatic braking system

Baby strollers have always been a popular way to commute little ones in style. And for that very reason Volkswagen is developing an automated stroller that makes sure your kid is not in harm’s way. This stroller came into existence as a result of an idea sharing drill by the Automotive giant. When asked about products they could improve other than cars; one suggestion came as a stroller that could automatically brake.
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Self-Driving lorry convoys to hit UK roads by 2015

Self-Driving lorry convoy

After self-driving cars and robotic motorcycles, it time to turn our attention towards the self-driving lorry convoy that could hit UK roads as early as next year. The technology has been developed with a purpose to cut fuel consumption, improve road safety and to offer increased comfort to the drivers. The autonomous technology will allow the lorry convoy to travel very close to each other. However, the fleet of these vehicles will be controlled by a driver in the front vehicle. Infrared cameras and laser sensors will be used to monitor vehicle movements and the lorries will be able to communicate with each other through Wi-Fi.
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Google plans self-driving robotic motorcycles

Google self- driving robotic motorcycles

If you think driverless cars are the future of transportation, how about driverless robotic motorbikes? Well, Google’s driverless car technology is still in prototype stages, but the company is planning to test their self- driving motorbikes and trucks on public roads. Google had shown its documents to the California state government for permission to test bikes on public roads. The letter seeking permission for testing motorcycles and other vehicles was sent by Ron Medford, the director of safety for Google’s self-driving car program to the state government of California in January.
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