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CES 2017: Nvidia’s self-driving car seems to be a strong contender in the race

Nvidia self driving car

The race for self-driving cars is getting hotter by the day, and big automotive giants are already deep into the development. Latest in the run for supremacy in self-driving cars is Audi. They have joined hands with Nvidia to develop a self-driving car they call BB8. The autonomous car will be based on a Drive-PX computer which makes all the critical decisions on busy roadways.
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Otto’s self-driving truck transports Budweiser beers on a busy Colorado highway

Otto self driving truck

Self-driving vehicles have been on the horizon for quite some time, and the technology keeps getting better with time. Putting those autonomous vehicles on the road takes immense courage, and that’s what Uber owned Otto has demonstrated. News was looming around that San Francisco-based startup was developing an aftermarket kit for commercial trucks to make then self-drivable. Now, they have teamed-up with Budweiser to accomplish something remarkable.
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nuTonomy finally debuts world’s first self-driving taxis in Singapore

nuTonomy self-driving taxis_2

A few months ago Massachusetts-based startup nuTonomy made the headlines for getting the permission to test their self-driving cars in Singapore. Well, that moment has arrived as the company started their trial runs on specially modified Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car models. People in Singapore can use these autonomous taxis free of cost by downloading the accompanying app. For now the cars will have an engineer riding on the front seat to take control if situation goes haywire. If everything goes well, the trials will lead to the full deployment of self-driving taxis by 2018.
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Why self-driving cars may not actually happen

Self-driving cars

The last few years have taken us from a time when cars that drive themselves were science fiction to a real possibility. Uber recently announced that it will debut a fleet of self-driving vehicles (with assigned drivers for safety) and Google has already created driverless prototype vehicles that are being tested in secure environments by riders. There have been investments from major companies to make real strides in the autonomous driving industry, and people feel that these vehicles will be superior in mastering various obstacles, such as safety issues and inclement weather.

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Rolls Royce Vision 100 Concept: Opulent self-driving electric car of the future

Rolls Royce Vision 100 concept car_4

While other automotive manufactures are concentrating on making a self-driving car for normal users, Rolls Royce has something extravagant to offer. The BMW owned brand well-known for its opulence and a high-end cluster of customers, has now decided to foray into the future forward self-driving automotive market. The Rolls Royce Vision 100 concept car clearly gives us a glimpse of what luxury self-driving cars will be like 10-20 years down the line. Even by RR’s standards, the electric engine driven concept car overshadows its current models. This two-seater haven in luxury mobility is more than 19 feet long, and given new meaning to the expression automotive haute couture.

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George Hotz self-driving kit for cars is looking good, believe you me

George Hotz self driving car kit

George Hotz, the famous hacker who challenged Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors with a prototype self-driving car kit is back to fulfil his promise. The genius has come up with another demonstration of his self-driving kit for cars. Comma.ai, a company founded by the man himself for taking forward his ambitions of making an un-beatable self-driving car. Investing his time on a 2016 Acura ILX car to demonstrate his autonomous vehicle, George believes he has the technology and AI prowess to beat self-driving cars under development currently.
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“Jack”: The autonomous Audi A7 concept drives like a well-mannered motorist

Audi A7 self-driving car Jack

Self-driving cars are the next frontier in what you would call the future of safe commuting. All the major manufacturers; in particular Google, Nissan, Hyundai, Baidu, Ford, Mercedes, Tesla’s semi-autonomous software update and many more. Audi has also been in the thick of the action with its LG G Watch R smartwatch controlled self-driving Audi A7 teased at CES 2015. The German automotive manufacturer recently gave more insight on its self-driving car which is more like a civilized human-being driving on the roads. Responsible driving is its prime concern, and that is why Audi A7 piloted driving concept named “Jack” is different from the competition.
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Baidu successfully tests self-driving car in Beijing

Baidu self-driving car

Lately there has been a rage for self-driving cars and automotive manufacturers have put a lot of time and effort into developing prototypes which are almost ready for commercial testing. Joining the race to develop fully autonomous and safe self-driving cars is Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc. which has plans to put such vehicles on road within 3 years. The search engine giant has already tested their self-driving car on an 18.6-mile route in Beijing city which includes side streets and highways. They have been working on this project since 2013 and this successful testing phase means positive way ahead for the company.
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Self-Driving lorry convoys to hit UK roads by 2015

Self-Driving lorry convoy

After self-driving cars and robotic motorcycles, it time to turn our attention towards the self-driving lorry convoy that could hit UK roads as early as next year. The technology has been developed with a purpose to cut fuel consumption, improve road safety and to offer increased comfort to the drivers. The autonomous technology will allow the lorry convoy to travel very close to each other. However, the fleet of these vehicles will be controlled by a driver in the front vehicle. Infrared cameras and laser sensors will be used to monitor vehicle movements and the lorries will be able to communicate with each other through Wi-Fi.
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