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Star Wars themed Android phones make debut in Japan

Star wars phone

Star Wars galaxy has come a long way since it was first introduced to us mortals. Back then in the galaxy far, far away there were no phones, but cometh the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story they could be a sight. Sharp is stepping up to please the Star Wars fraternity with two “Dark Side” and “Light Side” smartphones for Japanese Telecom giant SoftBank. Read More…

Sharp shows bezel-less curved edge display phone and it’s awesome

Sharp Corner R smartphone

There is no doubt bezel-less display makes a phone look nothing short of cutting edge. We have seen a handful of such phones, and Sharp believes it’s the key to selling. The Foxconn owned Electronics Company has unveiled Sharp Corner R concept phone with bezel-less screen supporting real curved edges.  Sharp has managed a striking display thanks to its Free-Form Display technology which provides the freedom to design IGZO LCD that can be created into any shape a screen needs to be. Read More…

Sharp’s RoboHon interactive robot is also a smartphone – Price $1,800

Sharp Robohon interactive Robot

Sharp has been in the process of building a smart robot that is blessed with cuteness overload. Now the company has announced that it is taking pre-orders for RoboHon, in Japan of course for starters. That is good news but with a twist. RoboHon is going to burn a hole in your pocket as it is priced at 198,000 Yen (approx. $1,800) which is hard to swallow. And if you remember, this robot also doubles as your smartphone for taking calls.
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Sharp’s bendable OLED display might feature in future Apple iPhones

Sharp flexible OLED display

Envisioning foldable smartphones and bendable displays as the next juncture in gadget technology, many electronic companies are investing their R&D in developing such technology. Sharp is the latest company to have come-up with a prototype 3.4-inch bendable OLED display which can be used in smartphones and other wearable gadgets in the coming years. Sharp has developed this foldable display having IGZO (indium-gallium-zinc oxide) energy-saving panel technology at the facility in Tenri, Nara Prefecture.
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Best 55-inch 4K UHD LED TVs to buy this holiday season

Best 4K UHD TVs to buy in 2015

4K content has arrived in a big way and to display this UHD content you need a compatible display. In this edition of our holiday season gift guide we take a look at the 4K Ultra HD TV options in the market and filter down the best one’s for you. To make it easier for you to select the screen size we recommend 55-inch screen size which is the most popular and fits in you room with no hassle at all. Take a look at these 55-inch 4K UHD TV’s in chronological order of their preference and get the best suited one for your home/office to enjoy stunning visual content.
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Sharp’s Aquos Phone brandishes a Full HD 4.5-inch display

Sharp's Aquos Phone

Japanese electronic giant Sharp has been dabbling with their advanced IGZO display for quite sometime now, with successful public unveiling at the CES 2013. Unfortunately, the technology was not yet ready for manufacturers like Apple to take advantage of. But now after a solid year of development, the IGZO display is back and better than ever, as is evident from Sharp’s introduction of its own mobile devices – the Aquos Pad SHT22 and the Aquos Phone Serie mini SHL24. The latter device is the world’s very first smartphone with a 4.5-inch display that boasts of Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and a screen color adjuster that is controlled via HSV sliders.

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Sharp displays PV cleaning robot for largest solar panels

cleaning robot for large PV power plants

If you thought photovoltaic panels’ at large power plants and industry units are cleaned using robots, you are damn right. And if you thought there were massive cleaning robots to clean them, you’re right again. Adding to the list of cleaning robots for power plants, Sharp recently introduced a cleaning robot that cleans photovoltaic panels of large PV power plants. The robot that weighs 50kgs and measures 600mm x 3030mm x 300mm (WxLxH) was exhibited at Ceatec Japan. Read More…

Sharp 3D fan with integrated ion generator will freeze you to death this summer

Someone has rightly said that the invention is a legacy of the intellectual. Well, Sharp has pretty well bolstered the saying by giving a new spin to the idea of designing domestic fans. Japan based designer and manufacturer of electronic products has introduced a pair of beautiful fans that boast 3D motion and integrate ion generators. The tube-shaped Slim Ion Fan comes with three built-in sensors to examine temperature, humidity, and sunlight. It collects the data, reads it, and operates accordingly.
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