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Pollution detecting shirt changes pattern but it’s too expensive

Aerochromics pollution detection shirt_1

Air pollution is a major concern for communities across the world, and people are coming up with unique ways to detect it. In the past we have seen pigeons fitted with modern tech hardware, wearable air purifiers and smart lamp posts which all keep a check on pollution levels. On the same lines Nikolas Bentel, a designer from New York has a very niche take on how to detect air pollution. He has designed a range of shirts dubbed Aerochromics which are capable of detecting pollution, and showing it by changing pattern on the shirt itself.
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World’s first slash resistant combat shirt means you’re completely protected

World's First Slash Resistant UBAC Shirt

Body armors or state-of-the-art bullet or stab resistant vests surely provide effective ballistic and edged weapon protection; but if seen more closely, they offer no effective protection to key arteries. The armors leave arteries around the arms, torso, neck and the throat area completely vulnerable to slashing and cuts – cutting of any of the main artery in the region can lead to rapid blood loss and even death in a very short time span. To ensure law enforcement professionals are not more exposed and defenseless facing an attacker, PPSS Group has developed the world’s first slash resistant combat shirt, which guarantees complete protection to the key arteries. Read More…

Machine washable Solar Shirt charges your mobile devices on the go

Solar Shirt by Pauline Van Dongen

Wearable Solar Shirt fitted with 120 solar cells

There’s no doubting that wearable technology, and smart clothing in particular are the destined trends of the near future. With demanding consumers looking for embedded electronics in their everyday clothing that can make life seamless, development of such wearable devices is very much in demand. Fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen has come up with Solar Shirt as a part of her Wearable Solar Collection that juices-up your gadgets on the go. Now, that is a good use of the abundant natural source of energy, literally converting yourself into a charging station for your smartphone, tablets or MP3 players.
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DoCoMo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt is a heart rate monitor

C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt Runtastic app

Docomo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt

DoCoMo, the Japanese telecom giant has realized the importance of wearable technology and its future prospects, and therefore stepped into it at the right time. Their C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt made using the hitoe technology that employs a nanofiber e-textile marked by Goldwin Inc. (sportswear manufacturing unit). Which means that the t-shirt measures the wearer’s heart rate and then provide all the analysis on the compatible smartphone app.
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Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt monitors health during athletic activates

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

US Open 2014 is just about to get underway and we will see a glimpse of the new revolutionary Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt which defines the epitome of wearable technology in a fashion-forward way. This advanced t-shirt has electrocardiogram and breathing sensors knitted into the fabric which aid in reading the biological and physiological information to give very accurate detail of your current body physics on your smartphone via an app. The Polo Tech shirt has been developed in association with Canadian-based OMsignal who have a team of expert neuroscience sports medicine and engineering personnel at their disposal.
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WMC 2014: Smart Sensing Digital Shirt takes body fitness to the next level

Smart Sensing technology

Cityzen Sciences, a French company along with a consortium of other companies has come up with a smart textile shirt called Smart Sensing Digital Shirt which is capable of sensing the person’s temperature, sleep pattern, heart rate, speed and acceleration. Embedded with micro-sensors the fabric of Smart Sensing Digital Shirt is tailor-made for sports activities and fitness regimes. Smart Sensing Digital Shirt was shown-off at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain where people got the chance to see how this wearable technology application really worked.
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NASA rocket scientist quits job to make cool smartphone actuated Halloween props

Digital Dudz iWound costume

Halloween will bring loads of fun and some creepy looking props that may scare some just like the Halloween Ghost Quad. We found yet another interesting Halloween prop that is tech savvy and looks pretty darn scary even in the day time. Created by a NASA rocket scientist Mark Rober, who quit his job to make this Halloween costume under the brand name Digital Dudz, this has to be one of the most interesting Halloween costume. The props offered by Digital Dudz are made from latex material and designed to hold any kind of smartphone that shows the scary visualization combined with the physical make-up.
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T-shirt with wearable electrode monitors heart rate sans any electrolyte paste

Tshirt with wearable electrodes monitors heart rate

Fabricated biomedical electrodes that are capable of recording biomedical recordings have been developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) which means that now you can monitor your heart rate just by wearing a t-shirt made from the conductive polymer. The material is coated with a conductive polymer PEDOT-PSS that in a way saves you from using other biomedical electrodes with electrolyte paste/gel which can irritate your skin surface, causing skin allergies. As opposed to these techniques for monitoring your heart rate, the revolutionary new clothing allows electrocardiography sans any electrolyte paste. Made from flexible, biocompatible and hydrophilic material allows this bioelectrode to record stable readings in any kind of environment.

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Summer Oxford shirt has the effective way to clean your gadgets

VoyVoy Summer Oxford Shirt

Every time your smartphone, sunglasses or spectacles are smudged in stains, water drop spots and fingerprints; by instinct you reach for the loose part of your shirt or t-shirt to clean it in a jiffy; isn’t it true? On the other hand, if you are a sophisticated geek, then you carry a microfiber cloth along with you to clean up anything smudged in stains. Keeping this in mind, VoyVoy has created Summer Oxford shirt designed by Nat Disston (New York-based designer) which has microfiber cloth sewn on the underside of so that you can do the cleaning in a jiffy. Normally a shirt cloth cannot clean delicate surfaces like anti-reflective coating glasses, the way a microfiber cloth can do and on top of that it can damage the surface.
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Cut resistant shirt that takes personal security to the next level

Workplace related and other forms of domestic violence have become a matter of deep concern around the globe for quite some time now. For this very reason UK based PPSS Group has developed a cut resistant work wear which can take on sharp knives or broken glass any day, thereby reducing the risk of injuries and accidental injuries. The cut resistant clothing is made from Cut-Tex Pro, a revolutionary high-tech fabric material which could come very handy for personnel working in homeland security sector or private security firm. Designed specifically to comply with highest international standards when it comes to cut resistance clothing, the flip up zip able shirt made from this fabric was on display at Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT) 2012.
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