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Shotgun Guitar – Playing music never seemed so dangerous

Shhotgun Guitar

You shoot bullets with a shotgun and you create music with guitar strings. When both of these come together, it’s something like you’ve never seen before. However strange it might sound, but it’s true, and the man behind this creative idea is pickup designer Bryan Fleming. And he put his creation in the hands of Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band who had a big hand in designing it too. in the end, it ended up all as a video which is going viral on the internet.
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Salvo 12 is the world’s first commercial shotgun suppressor

SilencerCo Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor

Shotgun owners who are looking for an ear protection solution from a very long time, guess what, your lucky day has come. SilencerCo, world leaders in gun silencer innovation have introduced the world’s first commercial shotgun suppressor. Earmuffs or plugs only provide relief in a controlled environment but they can’t be used in during the field work and in home protection scenario, where the ability to detect other sounds is critical. Therefore, the Salvo 12 shotgun silencer provides a much needed option in such fields and also represents a revolution in silencers.
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Bug-A-Salt: Plastic shotgun that takes down insects with a pinch of salt


It’s that time of the year when unwanted creepy insects constantly irritates you while entering your house or spoiling your outdoor picnics. You often end up hitting them with flyswatters, which are not very effective and also creates a mess due to smashed bodies of these creepy crawlies over it. To solve this annoying problem, Santa Monica-based artist Lorenzo Maggiore has created a pump-action shotgun called Bug-A-Salt that expels a pinch of salt at high speed to kill undesired insects around you. The gadget pierces body of bugs with minute pellets of salt without creating any mess like flyswatters. Read More…

Power drill-controlled shotgun shoots steel balls for fun

slingalaunch by Joerg Sprave

We know, Joerg Sprave the DIY maniac behind Slingshot YouTube Channel is always on the hunt for something that he can simply convert into a DIY project to feed his nerdy wit. This time around Sprave has taken on the Slingatron concept by Virginia-based HyperV Technologies that visions to sling shot payload into outer space, and has made his own drill-powered shotgun that shoots 25mm steel balls with great force.  Read More…

Oreo Separation Pump Gun shoots cookie bullets that swell you black & blue

Oreo Separation Pump Gun

A while back we acquainted you with the deadliest DIY weapons that you can make at home and now there is one more that isn’t that deadly but will definitely give you a sore if someone shoots you with it. The Oreo Shotgun that shoots Oreo cream cookie is made by seasoned weapon maker Joerg Sprave who calls it the Oreo Separation Pump Gun simply because it has a detachable sharp blade at the end of the muzzle to separate the two cookie layers of the delicious treat. Joerg created this Pump gun in no time in his backyard in the winters and he also explains in the video that follows that how you can also make it easily at home.
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Triple Threat triple barrel shotgun is one defense weapon that’ll never let you down

If a two barreled shotgun was not enough to satisfy your gangsta persona then this triple barreled 12 gauge shotgun manufactured by Akkar Silah Sanayi Ltd. Turkey; will definitely blow you away. Based on the traditional two-barrel shotgun design, the third barrel is placed on the top and apparently it fires last in the sequence. With a shorter wood stock the Triple Threat Shotgun is much of a defense gun that can be converted to a pistol grip when needed. The barrel length is 18.5 inches with overall length of 27.75 inches in pistol grip mode while it extends to 35.5 inches in shoulder stock mode. Weighing 7.5 lbs. and having capacity to fire three rounds the shotgun has Rem chokes (5 choke tubes included).

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Shotgun Guitar that will shoot you to thrill and is street legal all-right

This Shotgun Guitar by Tom Caneschi (TC) is a very unique crossover build of two tools exactly opposite in functionality and the end result they produce. Yes a shotgun, the perfect accomplice in violence and a guitar which is perfect example of producing ear soothing musical symphony. This street legal Shotgun guitar is made up of Remington 12 gage shell knobs, wrought iron triggers, mini humbucker, oak neck and finger board. Moreover the stock end is completely detachable for easy transportability.
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