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Shotgun Guitar – Playing music never seemed so dangerous

Shhotgun Guitar

You shoot bullets with a shotgun and you create music with guitar strings. When both of these come together, it’s something like you’ve never seen before. However strange it might sound, but it’s true, and the man behind this creative idea is pickup designer Bryan Fleming. And he put his creation in the hands of Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band who had a big hand in designing it too. in the end, it ended up all as a video which is going viral on the internet.
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Shotgun Guitar that will shoot you to thrill and is street legal all-right

This Shotgun Guitar by Tom Caneschi (TC) is a very unique crossover build of two tools exactly opposite in functionality and the end result they produce. Yes a shotgun, the perfect accomplice in violence and a guitar which is perfect example of producing ear soothing musical symphony. This street legal Shotgun guitar is made up of Remington 12 gage shell knobs, wrought iron triggers, mini humbucker, oak neck and finger board. Moreover the stock end is completely detachable for easy transportability.
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