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Amphibian SCUBA Diving Simulator: MIT researchers give disabled a way to explore underwater life

Amphibian SCUBA diving simulator

Scuba diving as an experience transports you into an altogether different world, and unfortunately having a phobia of deep water, I never managed to experience it myself. For people like me who are too afraid to venture into the depth of waters to explore a completely different world, researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Living Mobile Group have developed a SCUBA diving simulator. The research led by Dhruv Jain, a Master of Science candidate in the MIT Media Lab, who is partially deaf, along with Mishra Sra has come-up with the SCUBA simulator to help people with disability or water aqua phobia.
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An affordable full-size cardboard Jet Fighter Cockpit from Dogfight Boss

cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss

Most of us would love to own a personal home cockpit for playing flying simulators and games at home. However, the high-cost doesn’t allow us to do that. But now here is a golden opportunity for you to own a full scale cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss. Founded by Lukas Homola, it offers low-cost and durable simulator suitable cockpit for all you gamers and flying enthusiasts out there. Made out of corrugated cardboard, the cockpit shape is based on three US fighters, mainly the F-22. High resolution textures are created by taking photos of the cockpits of vintage planes from a local museum.
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J3SIM Professional Racing Simulators for an unmatched adrenal rush

We’ve seen racing simulators of different magnitudes in the past, yet what sets the award winning J3SIM – Professional Racing Simulators from Asian Replicas Designs & Trading Corp apart from the other similar sims is that these are designed in a perfect aerodynamic fiberglass and carbon fiber body for that real-life F1 driving experience at race centers and at home. Offering 5.1 surround sound 500 watts system and transducer seat shaker, the racing simulators here provide drivers the ideal adrenal rush experienced with a full size race simulator. Read More…