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Try a trick or two on this toboggan sled-style skateboard (Video)

Sled skateboard

There’s nothing people wouldn’t do in the name of fun, but this one is far from fun, done specifically in the name of Christmas. Why on Earth would someone otherwise turn a toboggan-style sled into a freakin’ skateboard. You got to be nuts to do that, or rise up one day with Santa knocking you in the dream to come up with such a wired thing. Anyway, guys and Nub TV, already famous for their crazy videos on YouTube, have built a sled-skateboard for Christmas – and they haven’t just build it, the weirdos have even taken it for a spin, breaking some bones in the process. Watch the video and you’ll be surprised, just like the builders themselves, to see how well this damn thing fairs out. Merry Christmas lads – but don’t try this at home! Read More…

Kick Stick propels you at 30mph on a skateboard [video]

Modes of personal transportation are going crazier by the day. If you wanted a car alternative to beat the traffic on the way to work, folks at Rise Robotics have developed the Kick Stick – a bionic oar that can help you skateboard at the speed of a car. The Kick Stick is a battery-powered robotic stick with a wheel at the base. It has a 2.75-horsepower motor, just above the wheel, which helps propel the skateboard at mindboggling 30 miles per hour. Read More…

Drill-powered skateboard is one crazy idea for DIY’ers

Drill powered skateboard

You can get a new age electric skateboard for yourself, but where’s the fun in that? For creative geeks like you and me the best options is to spend the weekend building something that is unique and exciting. Youtube user [Inspire To Make] has got quite a few impressive DIYs under their belt and this one just crashed their popularity meter. A drill-powered electric skateboard which you can also make at home.

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Globe creates world’s first skateboard with built-in Bluetooth speaker


Whether it’s a pair of skating shoes or a pair of earphones for skating; designers attempt to make them really comfortable and cushy. Still, when you attempt an ollie, there’s a fair chance the earphones fall off. To let you enjoy your favorite tacks to the fullest while skateboarding, Australian footwear and skateboard designer Globe International in collaboration with Boombotix has created a pair of skateboards with built-in speakers. Giving riders freedom from earphones, the skateboards – GLB-GSB Blazer 26″ and GLB-GSB Pinner Complete 41.25″ create an ultimate soundtrack for your ride. Read More…

Chinese electric skateboard maker’s booth raided by U.S. Marshals at CES 2016

CES 2016 Chinese electric skateboard booth raided

In a bizarre turn of events at CES 2015 a Chinese company’s booth was raided to remove their electric skateboard and other promotional stuff. The reason? Well, they were showing-off Trotter, a one-wheeled self-balancing skateboard which allegedly has patent breach. Changzhou First International Trade, is the Chinese company in question and they are alleged by a Silicon Valley start-up Future Motion of making the exact copy of their one-wheeled electric skateboard called OneWheel.
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Surprise Surprise! Aladdin riding his Magic Carpet in streets of New York

Aladdin Magic Carpet

On Halloween day New Yorkers saw a sight that made many to believe how it was actually done. Aladdin riding his magic carpet, whizzing past the crowded streets of this busy city effortlessly. Now how cool is that! Obviously there had to be some trick that made this man fly inches off the ground on his magic carpet. Of course if you are not wondering that it actually is a magic carpet with Aladdin on board.
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Hendo Hoverboard celebrates ‘Back to the Future’ day in style

Hendo Hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard was promised to be out on 21 October 2015 if it got funded on Kickstarter for a herculean funding amount of $250,000. And that promise has been fulfilled as Ara Pax have released the next generation 2.0 beta 4-engine prototype of Hendo Hoverboard. Developed in close consultation with skateboarding star Tony Hawk this levitating skateboard is the closest competitor to Lexus Hoverboard which has made all the news after its first reveal.
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Lexus Hoverboard is no more a concept, it is real and rideable (w/Video)

Lexus Hoverboard

The ultra-imaginative Lexus Hoverboard teaser which was too tech savvy to be real has finally been released and it still forces me to pinch myself hard. Such is the magic of superconductors and magnets cooled down by liquid nitrogen that it still seems like dream far-off to me. But Lexus Hoverboard is real and professional skateboarder Ross McGouran should feel like a god for riding it first-up. Equally lucky is Robb Holland, an American race drive and Jailopnik contributor who got the invite to ride this one of a kind Hoverboard.

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Attach Mellow Drive to your skateboard if you’ve got Need for Speed!

Mellow Boards skateboard accessory

Attach Mellow Board to your skateboard for turbo boosted speed

No more getting the kick from your skateboard? Then you need to seriously think about giving your skateboard a speed boost. Mellow Drive is a battery powered electric-drive motor for enhancing the speed of your skateboard approximately in the range of 25 miles per hour on level surface. The accessory can be attached to any skateboard and on one charge it will take you to a distance of 10 miles on battery power alone. Interestingly, when you are not riding the skateboard Mellow Drive can charge your gadgets too.
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FlexPV wheel offers electric power to your bicycle or skateboard

FlexPV electric wheel by Flexbot

Flexbot, the China-based team which in 2013 developed the world’s first smartphone controlled drone called Flexbot is back again with their newest gadget. Called FlexPV, the innovative product is a small electric wheel that can offer some additional power to your bike or skateboard. Propelled by a durable hub motor, it simply works as an add-on contraption and transforms your bicycle, skateboard or even your sofa into an electric one within a matter of minutes. The battery powered wheel can be controlled by a remote or through a smartphone app.
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