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Geeky Infinity Skirt inspired from traditional Chinese armor

Infinity Skirt

Most of the time it’s the geeky men who come out with DIY projects involving Arduinos, 3D printing and electronic tinkering. Don’t count out the girls though, as Imgur user [SexyCyborg] has created her own tech savvy skirt for the Maker Faire. She calls it the infinity skirt, since it displays infinite mirror effect thanks to the Array of LEDs embedded on each individual tile. The design is inspired by traditional Chinese armor and you do actually need to wear a layer of clothing as the skirt won’t help hide much.
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Kiyouki Amano is back with ‘Arm Skirt’- Skirt with remote controlled robotic arms

Arm Skirt

Advanced robotics and electronics have begun to come handy with fashion accessories, and the most creative as well as creepy creations are obviously, reported from Japan. Kiyouki Amano has just unveiled the ‘Arm Skirt’ – a skirt with two robotic arms that can hold things like bottle of water or mobile for the user. The arms appear to crawl out smoothly from the skirt, which reminds us of the tentacles of Doctor Octopus which worked as eight additional incredibly powerful robotic arms.
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Nokia unveils the interactive ‘smart skirt’ made from Lumia 1520 smartphones

Nokia’s Smart skirt

This is not necessarily the first time science has made its foray into the fashion world. But an advanced skirt made up of Lumia 1520 smartphones has certainly caught us by surprise, especially due to the antithetical combination of a fluent skirt fabric and a solid phone material. Presented at this year’s London Fashion Week, ‘ Lumia 1520 interactive skirt’ is the collaborative effort from from Designer Fyodor Golan and Nokia. This interactive essence is carried forth by the embedded 80 screens that either have stationary photos (snapped by the phones) or live feed transmitted to them. These images and videos change their color tone with the movement of the smart skirt, thus ensuring a dynamic pattern of shimmer that goes well with the techno vibrancy of the apparel.

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Microsoft Research’s Printed Dress with integrated technologies for sending and receiving Tweets

Wearable technologies are going to rule the roost in the coming years and Microsoft too has jumped into the bandwagon with their latest offering being showcased at New York Fashion Week. Called as Printed Dress which is one application of the trending wearable computing this high tech frock like dress developed by Asta Roseway, senior designer Microsoft Research and Martin Small from Xbox is made entirely from paper material stitched together to form a bodice, corset and skirt in attractive black and white colors. Now coming onto the technology factor it is draped in uber cool gear such as custom keyboard with keys resembling an old typewriter so that the wearer can type any message and tweet it.
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