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Volvo is about to introduce Skype in high-end 90 Series cars

 Volvo 90 Series cars with Skype

The automotive industry has witnessed significant technological growth over the past years or so. Most of us depend on Skype to stay connected to our families, colleagues and clients in our routine personal and professional life. Well, there is good news for fans of Volvo Cars.  The premium car maker has announced that it will introduce Skype into its high-end 90 Series cars. The objective is to make lives easier for their customers by allowing them to stay connected while commuting.
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Skype co-founders build delivery robot that moves at 4mph

Starship delivery robot-4

When e-commerce, fast-food and courier companies are trying various alternatives for delivery boys, Skype founders have rolled out their own delivery robot. Some may advocate the robot to be less convincing in comparison to a drone (most companies have tried) but there are chances of a bot being the future of delivery. The two Skype founders have created a company, Starship Technologies. Under the name Starship, the autonomous delivery robot has been created which can move around on sidewalks carrying packages. Read More…

Sanwa Direct Web Camera with stereo speakers and Skype integration

Sanwa Direct Web Camera 400-CMS014

Sanwa Direct is out with their brand new Web Camera 400-CMS014 which has a built-in speaker and USB hub for web conferencing or video chat like never before. Having a 300,000 pixel CMOS sensor enables the web cam (with 640×480 pixel resolution at 30 FPS) to be adjusted for focus by turning the ring around or adjusting the orientation by moving the lens up or down. The speakers being stereo surround sound capable deliver left and right sound very capably with maximum clarity in the speech. All you have to do is connect the Web Camera to your computer via a USB cable and thereafter you are all set to video chat using Skype or any other video chat software.

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