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Try a trick or two on this toboggan sled-style skateboard (Video)

Sled skateboard

There’s nothing people wouldn’t do in the name of fun, but this one is far from fun, done specifically in the name of Christmas. Why on Earth would someone otherwise turn a toboggan-style sled into a freakin’ skateboard. You got to be nuts to do that, or rise up one day with Santa knocking you in the dream to come up with such a wired thing. Anyway, guys and Nub TV, already famous for their crazy videos on YouTube, have built a sled-skateboard for Christmas – and they haven’t just build it, the weirdos have even taken it for a spin, breaking some bones in the process. Watch the video and you’ll be surprised, just like the builders themselves, to see how well this damn thing fairs out. Merry Christmas lads – but don’t try this at home! Read More…

Christmas gift ideas: Outdoor accessories for adventure junkies

Christmas gift ideasOutdoor-accessories for adventure seekers

We all seek adventure in our life, be it stimulated by some tangible items or on the more spiritual side through natures glory. For the ones who like to explore planet Earth and get the adrenaline rush, there is nothing better than getting hold of your adventure gear and heading towards the wilderness, away from all the hassle of urban life. But sometimes it gets very difficult to choose the adventure gear that is most required in your backpack in case of emergencies or survival. For this you need to get hold of the latest tech savvy adventure gear accessories that are easy to carry and fit in your backpack without taking much space. So take a jump to read on for the most popular adventure gear accessories that will help you out in chalk and cheese situations during your adventure, trekking and hiking trips.
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DIY snowspeeder built from cardboard and duct tape rides the snow

Snowspeeders are everyone’s favorite; we’ve grown seeing the Rebel Alliance on Hoth ride their snowspeeders to take on the Darth Vader. We can’t go live that space, but yes we can build and ride our own snowspeeders to zip around places, harming none. While we may be proclaim to build one, not sure when, a builder known as Fortyozjuicebox has built a Snowspeeder out of nothing but cardboard and duct tape for a Downhill Derby Cardboard and Duct Tape Contest. The cardboard snowspeeder is attached to a sled base to ride the snow for fun. Video after the jump shows the snowspeeder in action. Read More…