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Off the Grid jacket has enough pockets for all your gadgets, even your laptops!

SCOTTeVEST Off The Grid jacket

Having all the fancy gadgets like smartphone, tablets and sleek laptops is a common affair these days. Carrying them around is another predicament that we all face in a tech dominated world. Laptops are one solution to keep all your gizmos in one place, and also carry them around with ease. ScotteVest, however, wants to make that even more manageable with their line of clothing. Their latest innovation is a jacket that is carefully designed to accommodate all your daily use gadgets, even a laptop. Yes, you heard it right, you can fit your laptop in this jacket, and that too without any discomfort. They call it ‘Off the Grid’ jacket, and for good reason too.
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BauBax Apparels – Clothing wirelessly charges your gadgets without any hassle

Baubax wireless charging apparel

More often than not you find yourself stuffing things in pockets of your clothing, and then later on searching them with the hand. These days everyone wants to have clothing which can accommodate things in an organized manner and also do much more than that. Seattle based startup BauBax has got a very interesting line of clothing for all you out there. Clothing that can charge all your modern day gadgets wirelessly. The company has over a dozen wearable technology embedded clothing products right from jackets to wallets which wirelessly charge your smartphone, smartwatch and other compatible devices.
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Levis commuter jacket with Google’s Jacquard tech lets you control smart-devices with hand gestures

Levis commuter jacket with Google’s Jacquard

In spring 2017, Levis would be releasing its commuter jacket that integrates Google’s Jacquard technology. The sleeves of this jacket turns into touch-sensitive panel and lets commuters control their electronic devices, access navigation prompts, information about nearby places, answer calls, change music etc. by gesturally touching jacket’s sleeve. Jacquard, developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Progress (ATAP) wing, was first revealed at Google’s I/O development conference in May last year, and now it has found its way into textile industry. ATAP wing is the one working on radar-assisted sensors to translate hand movements to set of commands for electronic devices. Read More…

Unique rubber transistor is highly flexible and ideal for smart clothing

Rubber-based transistor AIST

When it comes to fabricating smart clothing, right choice of transistors for embeddable sensors has been one of the major challenges for researchers and developers. Now, a transistor that claims to be soft and flexible like clothes has shown a new ray of hope. The transistor made from rubber is a research work of scientists from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. AIST transistor has been confirmed to have very high tensile strength, which makes it highly resistant to bending, stretching and breaking. Read More…

Flair smart clothing uses your skin to enhance body control

lotta-julkunen-flair smart clothing

Smart wearable fitness gadgets are all the rage these days; whether you believe it or not, wearable tech is going to reach our clothing in more effective manner sooner than we imagine. And, it will be the next big thing to wearable gadgets. While most developers are working on ways to integrate sensors into the clothing and sync these with our smartphones, there is a Royal College of Art graduate Lotta Julkunen, who has developed smart clothing which thrives on our skins ability to pick tactile signals. The wearable called Flair provides tactile information about wearer’s body movement facilitating enhancement of body awareness and control. Read More…

Researchers develop smart fabric for wearables that senses body movement

Smart fabric developed by Kansai University and Teijin Limited

Researchers at Kansai University and Teijin Limited have developed world’s first polyactic acid (PLA) fiber and carbon-fiber-based piezoelectric fabrics for wearable applications. The fabric was on display at the world’s first Wearable Expo organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. And was held in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. To be precise, the fabric will monitor the wearer’s movement in 3D and also generate piezoelectric current for similar applications.
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DoCoMo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt is a heart rate monitor

C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt Runtastic app

Docomo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt

DoCoMo, the Japanese telecom giant has realized the importance of wearable technology and its future prospects, and therefore stepped into it at the right time. Their C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt made using the hitoe technology that employs a nanofiber e-textile marked by Goldwin Inc. (sportswear manufacturing unit). Which means that the t-shirt measures the wearer’s heart rate and then provide all the analysis on the compatible smartphone app.
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Suitsy – One piece business suit zips up for that classy look

Suitsy business suit by Jesse Herzog

Jesse Herzog, a real estate expert who has worked with a San Francisco, CA firm for the past 10 years has got into the habit of being well-dressed in a business suit for meeting clients and influential people in the city. This prompted him to come up with the idea of making a business suit that is easy to wear and doesn’t require you to stand in front of the mirror for long durations. He calls it the Suitsy and thinks that this piece of modern clothing will revolutionize the apparels market, simply due to the ease with which you can wear it.
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