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CEATEC 2014: Konica Minolta smart glass with full-color holographic display

Konica Minolta smart glass

It is reigning wearable technology at the CEATEC electronics trade show in Japan. And smart glasses seem to be the biggest fad. After Toshiba Glass, it is Konica Minolta smart glass that has influenced us at the show. The prototype glasses revealed by Japanese electronics maker Konica Minolta, features a full-color holographic display with sensors and camera. The glasses feature a holographic optical element (HOE), which is a transparent film placed on the right arm of the glass just above the lens. Read More…

Why Toshiba Glass could give Google Glass a run for its money?


Toshiba took CEATEC 2014 electronic trade show as a platform to unveil the prototype of its smart glass dubbed Toshiba Glass. The pair of smart glass is a display system that connects to the smartphone and lets you enjoy a range of visual content on an augmented reality display right in front of your eyes. Though, unlike the Google Glass, Toshiba Glass does not feature computing abilities, it’s going to give customers a much cheaper variant of smart glasses, which will connect to the smartphone and work as a chic display. Let’s read on to see what Toshiba Glass will offer, and how closely it competes with the Google Glass? Read More…

Sony SmartEyeglass SDK released, Google Glass better watch-out!

Sony SmartEyeglass wearable

Google Glass has had many competitors along the way of its development and the final product reveal too. Now, Google Glass is going to have even stiffer competition from renowned manufacturer like Sony, as they have announced SDK Developer Preview for the SmartEyeglass transparent lens eyewear. This SDK will ensure that there are ample platforms for this wearable to work with on its final launch (scheduled early next year) as developers get enough time to make it compatible with other hardware. The wearable glasses look like 3D glasses with 3-megapixel camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, stand-alone microphone and brightness sensor.
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Let your eyes be your camera with the iPal smart glasses

iPal smart glasses

When we talk of smart glasses, Google Glass is what strikes the mind first. But Google Glass features head tracking camera, so it doesn’t have any idea of what your eyes are focusing at; in order to let your eyes be your camera, revolutionary new smart glasses, iPal is making rounds on Indiegogo. iPal basically follows your eyes automatically, it sees what you see, and lets you capture videos and pictures in HD with your eyes alone and share the same on various social networks like Instagram or Facebook with a wink or a blink. Read More…

Samsung Galaxy Glass to have palm projected keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Glass augmented reality virutal palm keyboard

It is no surprise that the trend started by Google Glasses has sparked a fire that is engulfing every electronic giant’s imagination into making one for themselves too. Samsung has not been in the hiding like others, and has revealed it is making smart glasses that are better than Google Glasses. Christened as Samsung Galaxy Glass, the smart glasses are slated to be unveiled in the latter half of this year or early months of 2015. Some say it is going to be released at the same time as the release of Galaxy Note 4 which is good news for Samsung lovers who are longing for the ultimate smartphone, smartwatch and smart glass combo.
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CES 2014: Rockchip intros their Android powered smart glasses with 720p display

Rockchip smart glasses

The fever of CES 2014 is still not over, as we have come across the possibility of a cheaper version of the exalted Google Glass. Chinese chip-maker Rockchip Electronics had unveiled their indigenous model of smart glasses which for now are still in their prototype stage. And, the good news is – these smart glass solutions will pretty much have the same specs as the Google Glass, albeit with a lower price point of $500 and availability starting from middle of this year. Admittedly, the contraption showcased at CES is a bit on the crude side, thus having similar drawbacks to our earlier covered GlassUp’s AR glasses. However, the company has already made plans to sell them as OEM, which means the devices will be powered by Rockchip’s processors.

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CES 2014: Venice-based GlassUp showcase first prototype of their AR glasses

GlassUp AR glasses

Back in July of last year, we harped about the Indiegogo funded GlassUp AR glasses with their touted ability to sync with your smartphone, and read emails, social media posts and messages. In short, it was one of the main competitors to Google Glass. And, now with CES 2014 in full swing, the creators had the opportunity to showcase the prototype of the GlassUp. As many of you might have deduced from the top image, we are sorely disappointed with the specimen. Almost looking of those unwieldy eye-oriented tools from the optometrist’s office, the design in its current state is oddly crude, to say the least. Of course, these augmented reality glasses are still in their prototype stage, which certainly leaves plenty room for form-factor improvement.

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Atheer 3D glasses with gesture and eye control interface

Atheer 3D smart glasses

Wearable technology is going to rule the roost in coming years and we have enough proof that high tech glasses will lead the bandwagon. Another intuitive project that claims to provide the end-user a very enriched experience when it comes to augmented reality reflected in your wearable glasses is the Atheer One portable smart glasses that support natural interaction for an unmatchable user experience. Up on Indiegogo platform for funding Atheer One has managed to fund almost 80% of the funding goal in just 8 days.
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Evena Eye-On smart glasses will allow medics to see through skin

Evena Eye-On smart glasses

We have harped about glasses with built-in HUD cameras, and we have prattled about glasses with smartphone displays. However, this is surely the first time we have come across glasses that make human skin transparent! Designed by Evena Medical, the contraption is better known as the Evena Eye-On smart glasses. So, what does the nifty scope entail? Well, as we mentioned before – the glasses offer their incredible skin-penetrating view; which makes it much easier for medical personnel to locate our veins when injecting syringes. In fact, the Evena Eye-On is a portable extension of the company’s previous device, which had a problem with usability due to its cumbersome size.

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Phone that you can wear: NTT Docomo’s head-mounted AR smartphone

After revolutionizing the world with wearable computers like the Google Glass and Motorola Solutions HC1; it’s now time to experiment with a wearable smartphone. That’s right, until now, smartphones were just hand held but now their smartness is about to rise to a new horizon with the launch of NTT Docomo’s wearable (head mounted) AR smartphone prototype. What makes this smartphone special is its utility. It is fully hands free, the eyepiece on it is able to facilitate video calling using the AR technologies.
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